Title Track

Phil has two more green jackets than you do. 3 years ago who woulda thunk?

Watching Jon scream as he was mounted by assiram was pretty priceless.

N: If I had a dog, and that dog had a son and he had a pet that would be Sid.
T: Next time I sit on you I am going to kill you.

Show me your best blind face

You know your emo if you can’t fit sweatpants under your jeans.

T: If I could go back in time I’d go back to Rome to see them molest little boys.
N: You could go there now to see them molest little boys.
S: Come on, they’re not allowed to do that anymore
N: I was saying Rome, I never said anything about the Vatican.

My name is Henifer Lopez, I eat tacos and burritos

Ice Age Crew NYC Bound

N: I’d go back to see a Babe Ruth play in the Original Yankee Stadium
S: We know where your priorities lie

Well she wants to live her life. Then she thinks about her life. Pulls her hair back, as she screams. I don’t really want to be the queen.

If emo were a soda, it would be Diet Goth.

Still green, they headed north two hours ago.

N: My parents are coming tonight even though I told them they didn’t have to.
J: You know you called them up and begged them to come up.
N: If I was insecure I would get up, go to the library and forward you the emails. and if I was emo I would push my waffle to the edge of the table, go to the bathroom, slit my wrists and write a stupid song about how I felt.
J: Then I would bang on the table causing your waffle to fall off the edge, and it would all be my fault.
N: A perfect metaphor for life

Why is every flag pole in a town donated by The Lions Club. What the hell do they do, and where did they get all of their money. It’s like a big secret. THAT’S IT! They invest in secrets. They know the secrets of everyone in town and they raise money by using blackmail. “Oh, we can just elect a new mayor from out of town to get rid of them.” Wrong. Everyone has secrets and the Lions Club has eyes and ears everywhere. There is no escaping their domain.

Wow, what a great audience.

I wish every weekend could be sans Eminem.

Hey, where’s Beer? He left a half-drunken peter on the table.

26 Days, 1 Hour till post

The anomoly caused the Legion to turn their heads and scowl. Wow.

39 Days till Langdon becomes larger than life. But Hanks? Come on.

Check out the Hapland games for some good fun/frustration.

A: If you guys here a beep during my presentation, it’s just my heart monitor.

Mohito flavored fries, what it’s not a gay dish.

If anyone on the Heaven/Hell committee is listening: I won’t make a joke about Maggie Dixon. Promise.

Why would you hold a press conference to say you haven’t made a decision? Not cool Favre.

The only thing left to do is put a potato on a string and drag it through South Boston. “Thanks for coming out!”

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