License Plate Contest

Summer has officially begun. Finals are over and this summer, at least on paper, seems like it could be a fantastic one. Granted some people will be abscent from the country, but I won’t mention names, so Sara don’t worry. Anyway, my new obsession (that doesn’t have to do with a family of geese) is the license plate game. I’d open this contest to everyone, but Amanda is way too good at it. It would be no contest.

So here are the contest rules:
The contest runs from now until August 20
Canadian plates are excluded.
Anyone can place a bet. Just send it as a comment on the bottom.
The goal is to guess the correct number of states I will see.
Don’t forget to include a date I will find the last plate.
Open to all continental residents, including Alaska and Hawaii.
Once the Puerto Rican government gets some money, they can join too.

The winner will recieve their choice of:
– A lotto ticket
– A beer at Fitzy’s
– An unlimited amount of dates with Tad Hamilton (In this contest the role of Tad Hamilton will be played by Nicholas Casanova)

Well, a challenge has been issued. This is now a triple threat match between myself, Amanda, and Tara. My map is in green, Amanda is in blue and Tara is in purple. Check back regularly to see how much progress we have made. (The list at the end is solely Nick’s)

Nick (47)
Amanda (47)
Tara (45)

Alabama – May 19

Alaska – June 26
Arizona – May 20
Arkansas – May 19
California – May 8
Colorado – May 8
Connecticut – May 8
Delaware – May 8
Florida – May 9
Georgia – May 10
Idaho – June 7
Illinois – May 10
Indiana – May 10
Iowa – May 16
Kansas – June 30
Kentucky – May 10
Louisiana – June 6
Maine – May 8
Maryland – May 9
Massachusetts – May 8
Michigan – May 10
Minnesota – May 8
Mississippi – May 28
Missouri – May 9
Montana – May 12
Nebraska – June 30
Nevada – June 7
New Hampshire – May 8
New Jersey – May 8
New Mexico – June 30
New York – May 8
North Carolina – May 9
North Dakota
Ohio – May 13
Oklahoma – May 13
Oregon – May 20
Pennsylvania – May 10
Rhode Island – May 8
South Carolina – May 13
South Dakota – July 4
Tennessee – May 10
Texas – May 14
Utah – May 27
Vermont – May 8
Virginia – May 9
Washington – May 23
West Virginia – May 20
Wisconsin – May 10

5 comments on “License Plate Contest

  1. After careful consideration, I say 48 on August 19. It should be quite obvious that I want my prize to be the lotto ticket. Don’t forget to eat your breakfast. It’s the most important meal of the day.


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