Title Track (5.11.06)

Now being offered in Aisle 7, Summer

Vote Pat Brady. He’ll fight for you. His cheesy moustache is the cheesiest this side of the Massasoit.
Freak Flag: n. An indicator of freakishness.
Nick has multiple freak flags. One for his unhealthy obsession with Degrassi and another for his obsession with Walter and his Family.

O: Bah, if CM Point didn’t exist you wouldn’t even be able to make him up, he’s that unbelievable

I am retard, hear me aaaargh… or watch me drool- whichever u prefer

I approve of this blog

David Blaine is not a magician. Anyone who says different is just an idiot.

Improve your vocabulary by reading this blog:
Pablum: n Something (in speach or writing) that is trite, insipid, or simplistic

N: It has red eyes, that’s how you know it’s evil
S: Maybe it’s just misunderstood

I have always said that one day Sony Vaios would be some pretty nasty computers and that sometime in the near future I would consider buying one. I am still waiting for that day to come.

Who would put out just wires without a sign!?

N: I bet you can guess…
S: Oh, it sounded happy at first, I wasn’t sure

The social acceptance of Wikipedia was solidified the other day when Steven Colbert made a reference to it on his show.

(After a car drives by and the passenger says “Hey little boys”)
S: I think it’s safe to say that you have officially been hit on by more boys today than girls
N: I think you can extend that back to the last two weeks
S: Eww

If you ever get a chance, watch any of the Star Wars DVDs with the commentary. Not only do you learn a lot of inside of information about the movies, you see just how big of a geek you are not. And on top of that it is quite enjoyable.

I wonder which will be a better trivia question in five years:
“Who won the
Stanley Cup title in 2005”
“Who won the
Stanley Cup title in 2006”

S: I had the WEIRDEST dream last night
N: I dreamt about notpron (www.notpron.com)
S: Ugh

Do you think I have enough readers to hold a Sports Guy-esque mail bag column? It’s an easy way to add an entry without having to think to hard about anything. Not that any of my entries require an exhaustive amount of thinking.

Only nine more days till the Preakness. The plan is…..Top Secret. I’d tell you but then it is guaranteed to be a disaster. So until then just sit back and wait for a running diary that could rival last years Preakend.

As of right now, Sara is the odds on favorite to win the summer license plate contest; mostly because she is the only one to submit a guess.

Seriously, what can happen in the Simpsons’ Movie that hasn’t already happened in the TV show? This has bad news written all over it.

Stand still, Godfrey, it’ll all be over in a minute.

One comment on “Title Track (5.11.06)

  1. well, as much as i thoroughly enjoy having such a large part in ur blogs… we’ll hafta work on me sounding less like a retard and more like an intentionally witty/funny retard


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