Preakness 2006 Running Diary

The Preakness has been one of the greatest Piccinich traditions for the last three years. As a side note I would just like to point out that there may not be anything else that we do which could pass as a tradition. But anyway, this year was shaping up to be a tremendous outing.

This year most of the meat and potatoes of this running diary is build up to the actual event. You have been warned

May 4
3:00 While working on the model we needed to build for our facilities class, I receive a call from Ostrowe. We both know that we want to go to the Preakness this year, but since Dmo now lives in New York, we no longer have a place to stay. Dmo can’t join us this year because he will be going to Ireland that day. However, Mar still plans on going. It has recently come to our attention that Nicole Sikora has moved down to Baltimore to work and train at a country club. We decide that we can stay with her. Another kink is that fact that Ostrowe has to be back in NY the same night as the Preakness because if he misses his sister’s graduation, his mother will disown him. Wow, it almost seems like we have a plan.

Rick: “Now lets never talk of this plan again or else it will never come to pass”
Ostrowe: “Agreed”

May 10
Apparently Nicole lives in some guys house and sleeps on a cot, or at least that was the rumor that was passed down to me. It seems like we are out of luck already.

May 13
There is a possibility that we can stay with three different sets of people who Doug and Ostrowe know in Maryland. Things don’t look too bad

May 17
As of today; we officially still don’t have a place to stay. Every place has fallen through and I am preparing to spend a night in my car in a shady parking lot.
12:00 I leave Rockland to go visit Lib. We watch the European Club Soccer Championship and When a Stranger Calls, a crappy movie about a babysitter who becomes the target of a serial killer.
7:00 Arrive at Amanda’s house in hopes of surprising her
7:01 Amanda is out babysitting, I get a little scared inside. Stupid crappy scary movie
9:30 After a nice talk with Amanda’s mom, and watching a movie that will not be named with her sister, Amanda comes home.
10:05 Leave Amanda’s house because she has to work at 7:00 AM tomorrow
11:05 Arrive at Sara’s house. It seems like everyone is asleep and Sara won’t pick up her phone.
11:08 Amanda calls and tells me that she doesn’t have to work tomorrow. F, stupid Piccinich Effect
11:11 I crawl into the backseat and prepare for a night sleeping in the car. This will be good practice for the weekend. I now vow to never surprise anyone with a visit who lives more than 3o minutes away from me. This is hazardous to my health.
11:17 Headlights appear outside and Sara and Moe pull up in Moe’s car. Hold up, is something actually working out for a change. Weird

May 18
12:15 Much needed sleep
8:15 Wake up, TV
10:00 Make breakfast
4:30 Sara has to go to work and the gym, so I am on my own for a while. I can use this time to get a haircut and find a gift for Sara’s parents.
6:00 Ostrowe calls. He is sick with the bird flu and will be unable to make it down to Baltimore. I knew our plan was too good to be true.
6:45 Call Mar. He still wants to go down since he knows people from Villanova who will be in attendance. Since I am not one to turn down a chance to go to the Preakness, I decided to head down as well, sadly sans Ostrowe.
10:15 After dinner with Dr. H, Sara and I head out downtown with her friend Chris from high school. I didn’t get to know him to well since I have zero social skills, but he was a cool kid.
11:00 We go to a bar called the Student Prince. It has a very laid back attitude. It has a Fitzy, but classier, vibe.
11:15 The vibe is confirmed when we meet one of the regulars. We are told that he is literally there everyday. This previous statement doesn’t even phase me anymore. That basically speaks of half of the clientele at Fitzy’s. Anyway, the guy look like Francis, but only if Francis took a shower and shaved everyday. His name is Jerry and he may have though it was Miami Vice night because he was wearing a white suit with a teal green dress shirt underneath. To top it off he sounded like the raspy-voiced football player in The Waterboy. All in all he was a pretty cool guy.

May 19
(Davinci Code Opening Day!)
12:00 We made our way over to Fat Cats next. This place was 97% college kids, 3% creepy old guys.
12:08 While standing near the bar:

Creepy guy: I love this place, it has a great view
Rick: Pretending I don’t speak english

1:02 This guy walks by me with not just a popped collar, but with two popped collars. Yes, no joke. He was wearing a collared shirt over a collared shirt, both with popped collars. Is it just me or should this offense be punishable by death? Tell me that I am not alone here.
1:45 After a rousing three-game pool series, I beat Sara, last call is up and we head home.
4:15 We finally get to bed after a few hours of talking. This is going to have some serious repercussions that I will hopefully live to regret.
7:12 I receive a text message from Mar saying that we can stay with Nicole. HUGE!
9:00 Why the hell am I awake now. This is shaping up to be very bad.
11:45 Davinci Code first showing in Massachusetts. Word to all the people who are protesting the movie. It’s Friking Fiction. Dan Brown made it up. Sure it talks about a different story which is rooted in conspiracy, but still anyone who takes the book as literal truth is dumb.
3:00 After two hardware malfunctions, finally start the Davinci Quest final puzzle. I was one of the 10,000 finalists and for my efforts received a replica cryptex from the movie.
4:00 Say goodbye to Sara, she is going to be working in Greece until the end of August. Lucky her, tear. Finally on my way to pick up Mar.
7:00 Pick up dinner at Dee Maria’s. I tell Mar I will pick him up in 20 minutes
7:45 Pick up Mar, so what I was just a little off
8:00 Over/Under on Personalized License Plates: 12 (under wins)
9:04 Background: One year when Mar and I were driving down south, we saw a butt-load of personalized plates. Somehow we deduced that all these people also used the same thing as their AIM name. So upon reaching Maryland or wherever we were, we tried to IM all the plates we saw. Sadly to no avail. Anyway, upon not seeing a lot plates tonight:

Mar: People with personalized plates are online chatting up a storm right now.

10:00 “IM BOAR” what a bad plate.
11:10 Arrive at Nicole’s golf course. She shot a 65 today so she was at the bar with the rest of the country club employees and members.
11:20 Mar and I agree, this is a very strange atmosphere to be in. We have both worked at golf courses and know what golfers are like, but there is something different about this bar, maybe it’s the southern hospitality mixed in but I can’t put my finger on it. Most conversations started like this:

Nicole: These are my friends from home
Golfer ____: Hey guys, I’m so and so, do you need a place to stay?

May 20 (Preakness Day)
12:02 I can no longer stand up, and this cigarette smoke is making me sick, so I retire to the car. Good thing I brought a pillow.
12:30 Mar and Nicole wake me from my slumber.
12:32 Upon entering the car and repeated every 5 minutes or so:

Nicole: I’m hammered


Nicole: I only live 40 minutes from here
Rick: You’re fucking kidding me right? I’m dying
Nicole: Doogie said we can stay with him, he lives three minutes away
Rick & Mar: Yea lets do that


Nicole: Nine Birdies today
Mar: If you played for Paul Toscano he would have given you a box of balls for that performance
Rick: I heard Chris Moro pointed at Paul Toscano once and got a sleeve of golf balls

1:05 I pass out in Doogie’s arm chair. And I have to admit it was almost more comfortable than my bed at home. But that just could be due to the state that I am in.
7:24 I am woken up and Doogie asks me for my keys so he can move my car. As he walks out the door:

Rick: Did Doogie Howser just steal my car?

8:00 I wake up to hear Nicole say that she wasn’t that drunk last night. I direct everyone’s attention to the entry at 12:32.
8:13 Every segment on the local news revolves around the Preakness. For example, when talking about the stock market, the broadcaster segues to Barbaro’s stock going through the roof. A bad omen for things to come.
8:35 Leave Doogie’s in search of the Preakness
9:10 Park in the same lot/backyard that has been so good to us for the last four years.
9:20 We are turned away because we have metal folding chairs, not metal umbrella chairs. I’m still trying to figure out the difference, I seem to remember some guy using the metal umbrella chairs as a bat during the fight of the century last year. Folding chairs would be slowed down due to wind resistance.
9:26 Mar is too winded to think about resting. Don’t worry it doesn’t make sense to me either.
9:41 Inflation is a bitch, tickets are $55 this year.
9:42 The cattle drive that is trying to get 80,000 drunk college aged kids into the infield begins.

9:48 There are three event staff workers trying to stop a few thousand people from jumping the dividing fence while funneling people into the security checkpoints. Great job Pimlico.
9:57 Infield breeched.
10:05 We meet Mar’s lady friend. Once again due to my lack of social skills, the hellos will be our only interaction.
10:18 Mar claims he will be drunk by 12:00 since he is already 3 beers deep.
10:23 It is agreed upon that people over the age of 30 should not be allowed into the infield.
10:32 First race finishes
10:33 Mar says he wants to bet on the first race
10:36 We become friends with Faux Rutko. He has the same shaved head, tattoos and crazy look in his eye.
10:45 Kyle Boller is introduced to a sea of boos. Several Jets’ chants break out.
12:55 Faux Rutko returns to his blanket with a chicken tender/fry/heroin basket.
1:00 Unspoken/Should be Rules of the Preakness:

Popped collars are illegal.
Don’t walk on other people’s blankets.

1:15 The usual beach ball makes its rounds in the infield, I hit it into a crowd, and then next guy punches it into the face of his friend. The kid drops. Hilarious.
1:25 Mar funnels for the first time, then again four minutes later.

Rick: That guy is wearing a Villanova jersey.
Mar: We should kick him in the throat, he is an imposter.

2:21 For the first time this year, some drunk thinks that he can sit on his Styrofoam cooler. He sits, it breaks into a million pieces. Side note: His friends all laughed at him for a good five minutes, then a few hours later one of the laughers did the same exact thing, idiots.
3:00 Neither of us have placed a bet yet.
3:30 At the Preakness, funnels are pretty much passed around at random, it’s kind of gross, but common place. A different funnel has now made its way to our campsite. This girl funnels a beer and as she finishes time slows down. Mar and I are standing like ten feet away and see her start to drool and shit starts coming our her nose. She passes out standing up and her face lands in a pile of discarded and crushed cans. She comes to with her face bleeding everywhere. The guy who was holding the funnel drops it and walks away like the classy guy he is.
3:32 Mar walks over and picks up the discarded funnel and proceeds to funnel 3 beers in a row.
4:20 Huge fight breaks out…again. It’s early this year.
6:20 The main race is in 10 minutes and we still haven’t bet on anything all day.
6:30 We head out during the post parade since we figure listening to the race on the radio will be better than standing in the infield and seeing the race for 5 seconds. And we don’t have any winning tickets to cash. Plus we can beat the traffic.
6:34 Barbaro breaks down, the horse racing world watches in horror.
7:34 Stop at the Maryland House for some food. This Roy Rogers meal is the first thing I have eaten in 24 hours beside a pretzel and half a hotdog which I had for breakfast. Mar clung tightly to the liquid diet finishing 20 beers over the course of the day. He was a little disappointed in himself.
9:45 Make it home somehow without succumbing to lack of food and sleep.

In conclusion, this may not have been one of the best horse races I have been to, but it was still a horse race. Ostrowe and I have already vowed to make it to all three races next year so look forward to those three running diaries. Come to think of it that sounds like last year when Ostrowe and I vowed to go to all three horse races this year….


2 comments on “Preakness 2006 Running Diary

  1. I won’t lie… I skimmed.But I WOULD like to point out that you’re absolutely correct about the popped collars. ONE popped collar is pretty much grounds for dismissal if you happen to be in the same room as me… since I’m in charge.. obviously. But two. Ew. I don’t even have a punishment for that yet because I’m just DUMBFOUNDED!.. Yeah, THAT’S what I get out of your 329432 page long entry. Whatcha gonna do.. 😉 ~ Amber


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