Title Track (5.25.06)

In case anyone cares, Pat Brady is the new Selectman in whatever district he was running in

Last night I went to the Mets game, front row I may add. I was literally using the dugout as a table….nuts. Anyway I went with one of the former interns and he greatly enjoyed heckling all the Phillies who were only a few feet away.
“I drive a Chevy Victorino”
“Bell you’re not even good in the video game”
“Burrell, I just plain loathe you”
“Go get ’em Ryan [Howard], you’re great (aside) what? That dude [fricking] scares me”

I was actually disappointed that the Cleveland Lebrons lost to the Pistons. I actually planned my Sunday around a NBA basketball game. I haven’t done that since I was 12.

Best wishes go out to Barbaro. And as if his injury wasn’t enough, Bernardini isn’t even going to race at Belmont. This is the third time in 36 years that the Belmont doesn’t have a Derby or Preakness winner in the field. Looks like NBC chose a good year to get out of the Belmont.

Keeping the horse racing theme going. Is it too much to ask for a Triple Crown winner before I have kids? Three years in a row the cruel directors of fate played with my fragile emotions. Then last year Giacomo ruined Alex’s fate and this year I don’t even want to talk about anymore.

The Nike-iPod connection is ridiculous. If I was a marathoner I would be stoked. But I’m not.

Rumors are circulating that Jeb Bush has been in talk to possibly become the next commissioner of the NFL. WHAT!? I don’t even know what to say to that. Jeb Bush?! I’m sure he will do as good of job with the NFL as his brother did with the country.

Now that the only movie I really wanted to see, Davinci, has come, gone and disappointed. I decided not to look forward to movies anymore, that way I can’t be disappointed.

I had a sandwich from the World’s Famous Carnegie Deli today, on NBC of course (I’m not paying a quarter of a million dollars for a sandwich), was not impressed. It smelled like cat food and probably tasted similar too.

I heart free Frostys. I wonder if one day Wendy’s will wise up and have new Frosty flavors. The day that happens I will vow my allegiance to that red-headed queen and never stray from her delicious food.

Top three favorite baseball players: Pujols, Wright, Reyes.
And as much as I hate the Red Sox, I think Manny may be in the top five, he is pretty cool.

You know what the best part about working at NBC for the summer…ok maybe it’s not the best, but it is up there. Since there are TV’s everywhere, I don’t have to miss the World Cup games!

“Last night three Springfield College kids, in three different states no less, died simultaneously while dangerously swerving in traffic to find new license plates.” It hasn’t happened yet, but it could.

“He will be able to give insightful comments better than most guys who cover and do boxing. I really have confidence in him” – Boxing promoter Bob Arum, on signing Mike Tyson to be a boxing commentator.
This is what boxing has come to? The sad thing is that with the current state of boxing, this might actually work.

Kenneth Lay: Up to 120 years
Jeffrey Skilling: Up to 185 years
That sucks

You purposely made me Sars that time. That’s not cool. –Sars

I wish I could go back to the Ice Age when all the continents were still together. That would be cool.

Five-Letter word for “One not serious”: T _ _ E _

U F B M O R U E D O W F M D E V C O E T F K Y Z U N K W H W.

B B U L Z T E E P R N I.

You have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sure. But don’t worry: you will someday

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