Title Track (6.17.06)

A special thanks goes out to the title sponsor of this week’s Title Track: Chef Boyardee

Orange Head Syndrome: a joke, story, or blog post that is only funny to approximately four people. I.E. The last post. Sorry about that.

J: The best thing about girls that look underage is that if they are holding a beer you know they are atleast 18.

TV: ….and over 10,000 Mexicans will be here in Germany to watch the game
R: How did over 10,000 Mexicans get to Germany to support their team?
maybe that was part of the agreement they signed with germany in World War II. “We’ll help you against the Americans, and if you ever host the World Cup, you hook us up, si?”

Clint Dempsey kinda looks like Doug Mohr

Leave it to the American fans to start a “Bullshit” chant at the World Cup

So I started playing in this softball league on Saturdays. I haven’t played organized baseball since I was 13. And even though I didn’t know anyone, I wasn’t feeling too bad. Thats when I heard everyone talking about what they did for Prom the night before, or asking about how their first year of college went. It was about that time that I looked down into my Dale Murphy signature glove and realized that most of these kids weren’t even alive when Dale Murphy won his second MVP award. Ok granted I wasn’t alive for Dale Murphy’s first MVP award I at least know who he is and have a couple of his trading cards.

Marco Del Rossi got thrown out of the game versus USA. When ask to comment, Mr. Del Rossi said: “McBride? Hesa fairy boy witha tha limp wrist. I a makea tha posters for a tha cup.”

Imagine if Phil wins the Open this weekend. He’d only be a British away from a career Grand Slam.

People complain about how soccer is low scoring. But what if a football game ends with a score of 14-7. That’s basically 2-1 right?

So you know how Porky Pig’s whole gimmick is that he tries to say one word but then gives up and uses a different word? What the heck is he trying to say after Looney Tunes shows that he replaces with “That’s all folks”

O: You used the women’s room
R: No I didn’t
Waitress: They are unisex
O: No you need sex!

Rumor has it Mar is releaseing a Christmas CD. Now you can hear Mar’s version of all you favorite yeultide carols.
(Tune of “Little Drummer Boy”) Bah I’m winded, bah I’m winded, bah I’m winded……….
(Tune of “Silent Night”) Bah I’m winded, bah I’m winded, bah I’m winded……….
(Tune of “Carol of the Bells”) Bah I’m winded, bah I’m winded, bah I’m winded……….

M: Bah I’m going to call Douglas
R: You just called him five minutes ago, it went straight to voicemail.
M: Bah it went straight to voicemail
R: Don’t worry you can call back in five minutes when you forget about this time.
M: Bah it’s late. I bet Jimmy is buying thousand dollar ties right now.
R: At 4 AM?
M: Bah I’m winded
(An Over/Under has been set for June 18, 2008 for when Mar stops saying, “I’m winded”)

Hi Nick Casanova. You know what you are? You are an asshole. Because I just walked over to Matt Biggar’s house. You know what? [Sentences containing no english what so ever] I’m to drunk to drive anywhere. My girlfriend is passed out in my bed and I have no way to get there. And your friking killing me. I’m friking just walking around the god damn backstreets of New City. You asshole. Answer your god damn phone. What are you playing Smackdown? You are an ass. I hate you. Yeah, that was a message on my phone.

Where the devil are my slippers?

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