And That’s Enough of This (Day 7)

I got to Harrah’s this morning at 6:00. I picked up Neil Lomax, Al Del Greco and Ming Tsai then drove them to another golf course 30 minutes away where they were playing in a Pro-Am. The first 10 minutes of the trip were spent driving up hill. When I reached the crest, the scene was breath taking. The valley sprawled out in front of me was like nothing I have ever seen before. I didn’t really have to much time to admire the view since the trip down the mountain was filled with twists and turns and I definitely didn’t want the next day’s headlines to be “Football Players Driven off a Cliff by Idiot.” After dropping them off, I headed back for the last day of Pro-Am’s at Edgewood.

Much like all the outings at any golf course, the Pro-Am took forever. I kept myself busy by giving away swag bags and making the scorecard for the tomorrow’s rounds of golf. So now I have been out here one week and things are going great. But in my opinion this series of blogs are really going nowhere. So I probably won’t have anymore daily updates. They are becoming a chore to make entertaining and probably a chore to read. I love it out here, and I’m having a great time, but I am looking forward to going home. I’ll be home on Wednesday, I’ll see you then.

Fact: The American Century Championship has been declared a National Security Event so the FBI is here protecting the place.

Fiction: Jim$ was not invited to play in the ACC. (He is not here because it is impossible to provide enough security for him)

Fact: This gap-toothed hotel employee gave me the international sign for “call me” today. I won’t call.

Fiction: Mar is no longer winded

Fact: I am playing golf at Edgewood on Monday!

Fiction: I will be playing with Jim McCann, Gerry Oswald, and Bob Jacobs.

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