Loose Ends

As I was winding my way up Highway 50, I turned around to sneak one last peek at Lake Tahoe. The car crested over the mountain and Lake Tahoe was out of my life, hopefully only for the time being. I resumed facing forward and could help but think about just how amazing this country is. I’m almost more of a sucker for scenery than I am for a level-headed girl with a pretty smile. Almost. There is so much of this country that I have never seen: the Pacific Coast, the Florida Keys, the Gateway Arch, Walla Walla Washington. I hope someday I get to see it before I am relegated to the Daily Grind for all eternity.

Around the office I was given the nickname “The Glass.” That sounds like the street name for a drug or a designer steroid.

As I pulled up to Sacramento International airport, I noticed a fairly attractive girl sitting outside. I didn’t think much of it at the time so I just went about my check in routine. I sat outside the terminal and began taking advantage of the free internet. About 15 minutes before boarding was set to begin, I looked up and saw that very same fairly attractive girl sitting in front of me preparing to board the same plane. Now considering the events of the past few days, I was riding a fairly high wave of self esteem. And ever since I was stabbed I was trying to figure out if maybe the event served a larger purpose. In about a nano-second I came up with the halucination that perhaps I was destined to miss my flight so that I could meet this girl. Now that would be a good story for the kiddies. Lets tune in and see how it turned out:

<Over the Loudspeak the jetBlue agent annouces that the 1:00 flight to JFK will now be boarding. He then adds that headphones are for sale for only $1.00, but if you have your own they are surely better than the crap he is peddling. Immediatly a good 70 people get up to wait on line. Rick refuses to stand right away so he packs up his computer and continues to read his crappy book which hasn’t hooked him yet 84 pages in. Out of the corner of his eye he sees the fairly attractive girl stand up>
Rick: You’re not really going to stand in that line are you?
[The Fairly Attractive Girl looks at the line. Then sits back down and continues reading her book. 10 minutes later they both get up at the same time and take their place at the back of the now shortened line]
Rick: My name is Nick
FAG: Nikki
Rick: That’s conveinient. So are you from NY
Nikki: I’ve been bouncing back and forth for the last five years, but now I think I am going to stay in NY for good
Rick: Whoa, that tone was a little ominous (and strikingly familiar to too many movie quotes)
Nikki: And yourself?
Rick: I live just north of the city. Born and raise in NY. Do you have a place somewhere?
Nikki: I am crashing at a place in SoHo.
Rick: What do you do for a living? (Biting his tongue wishing he wasn’t the one to bring that up)
Nikki: I make furniture
Rick: That’s pretty awesome. I couldn’t make furniture.
Nikki: What about yourself
[Rick goes into his NBC Sports spiel which is getting pretty old. Afterwards they both board the plane. Nikki takes her seat in the third row and Rick recedes to the tenth row. As the cabin door closes, Rick is still sitting alone in his row and Nikki is alone in hers. In an uncharactoristic brave move, Rick gets up and takes the aisle seat in Nikki’s row]
Rick: No sense for both of us to sit alone
Nikki: Very true. So you live in Rockland County? That’s really funny, I grew up in Rockland, CA. A suburb of Sacramento.
[As the plane taxis across the runway, Nikki and Rick begin to make fun of the disgruntled stewardess. She is no Mrs. Mac. Amidst the laughter and a seemingly genuine good time Rick makes the highly dangerous move of switching to the seat next to Nikki while the Pilot still had the fasten seatbelts light on. Nikki claims that Ice Age 2 was an awful movie, but Rick defends the movies honor]
Nikki: How long does it take you get to the city?
Rick: 45 minutes without traffic, sometimes 2 hours if the traffic is bad during the commute.
Nikki: You commute to the city from there? Why don’t you move closer? (Things aren’t looking bad as of now, you could almost say they are on the up and up.)
Rick: I am as soon as I finish up my last semester of school
Nikki: Oh, you go to school in Rockland?
Rick: No, in Massachusetts
Nikki: Oh
[Nikki puts both of her headphones on. Cue five hours of akward silence broken only by feable attempts by Rick to spark conversation with some lack luster ice breakers. When the plane gets to the terminal, Nikki takes off into oblivion]

How expected. Girls suck. Except of course for those reading this blog. So I guess me stabbing myself served no purpose what-so-ever. How does TV, movies, and bedtime stories make it look so easy.

So now that I have some money in my pocket for something that is happening in May, I am expecting to be hit up for something soon. Today my computer power cable broke, what’s next?
3-1 odds my iPod dies
5-1 odds my car blows up.
7-11 my computer surfs the web for the last time

It’s good to be back on the right coast.

One comment on “Loose Ends

  1. I like the clarification that girls suck EXCEPT for the ones reading.. Nice save there. I chucked heartily. 😉 ~Amber


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