Title Track (7.27.06)

The final remnant of Tahoe, I swear: It was no fun going from a huge, hotel queen-sized bed in Harvey’s to a miniscule twin bed in Casanova’s (Ok I take that back, I’m pretty sure I can’t keep that promise)

“If people don’t expect a lot from you, you can never disappoint” -Mar

I love movie quotes, it no secret, but some movie quotes stand out over others. These are in a class of their own. They may not be the funniest line in the movie, but situations arise in everyday life where these lines prove to fit perfectly into context. Most of the times people don’t even realize that a movie is being quoted and even if they don’t laugh, at least it will bring a smile to your face. These are just a few that stand out:
(anytime clam chowder is mentioned) “Is that the red or the white?”
(anytime the printer runs out of paper and displays “paper jam”) “Why does it say paper jam when there is no paper jam”
(anytime the number 37 is mentioned) “Thirty-seven!”
(anytime.) “I’ve had it with these mother^*%& snakes on this mother^*&!# plane”
Send me comments with any quotes you like to use in context

In case you were wondering: Yes anytime someone uses a song title as a headline, or in a sentence I am required by law to sing an excerpt from said song.

I was reading this article about infamous mascot incidents and this was the last one listed. I was eating dinner while reading it and I almost spit my food out all over the place:
Snow Flake the Dolphin (1994)
As part of a diabolical scheme to get back at Dan Marino for a bad hold on a game-winning field goal attempt, Ray Finkle-turned-Lois Einhorn kidnaps Snowflake, the good luck mascot of the Miami Dolphins, on the eve of a Super Bowl showdown with the Philadelphia Eagles. Snowflake was later rescued by Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, who used a 1985 team photograph to pinpoint the culprit, and some help from a household pet to figure out that Finkle was actually Einhorn.
After Snowflake was safely returned to the organization, Swoop the Philadelphia Eagle mistakenly scared away a missing Albino pigeon from the top of a sideline water cooler, costing Ventura $25,000 in reward money and a chance to repay raspy landlord Mr. Shickadance. The situation exploded into a fight that was shown on the stadium jumbotron. (http://msn.foxsports.com/other/story/5792996)

What’s an eight-letter word for “Topple” F _ L _ _ _ _ W

I wonder how many people in history have simultaneously suffered from Adult Sock Syndrome (where your dress socks leave indentations on your lower leg) and chronic Carpolepsy (the inability to stay awake as the passenger in a car). I nominate myself as the first case.

World Cup withdrawal is a cruel disease. I bought some speakers so that I could listen to internet radio. For some reason Regis doesn’t captivate me as much as Marcelo Balboa

Dashboard Confessional was in Rockefeller Plaza today. Apparently their aura is more hardcore than what is actually exuded. The riot police were out in full force. I doubt they will be back tomorrow when Chicago plays.

Eater X, from the IFOCE (that’s the International Federation of Competitive Eating), might be one of the most entertaining performers in “sports” entertainment. Check him out along with the Whaler, Tim Janus, and Invisible Man. There is no way my blog could do justice to that story.

Eighteen months ago, the first evidence of intelligent life off the Earth was discovered. It was buried forty feet below the lunar surface, near the crater Tycho. Except for a single, very powerful radio emission aimed at Jupiter, the four million year old black monolith has remained completely inert, its origin and purpose still a total mystery.

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