Title Track (8.28.06)

Yea I know it has been a while but I have hit a sort of wall. What better way to stir the creative juices (and getting a chippy choppy post up) than to throw together another Title Track.

Is there a better word, when it comes to cars, than “Turbocharged.” It’s always used as a selling point. What the hell does it mean anyway? I’m sure I could look this up right now, but allow me to rant for a bit. You know if you got a new car and told your friends that it was “Turbocharged,” (needs to be capitalized) they would give you a collective Oooooohhh even though they have no clue what the hell it does for the car.

I was driving to work today and we passed a truck that was labeled “explosives.” I started looking around and making sure that Bruce Willis wasn’t in any of the cars around me filming his upcoming movie “Explosives in a Truck.” Then I got to thinking who do they hire to drive these trucks. 3-1 odds the drivers name is John Doe.

O: So Point, what is this Rocklandfest thing
P: What are you talking about?
O: I thought Rocklandfest was your brain child
P: Oh, check this out. Cheeburger Cheeburger in the afternoon…..
(Walks away)
O: That’s it?

Three days left of work it what will go down as the greatest summer on record

Yesterday I was practicing throwing up Gushers in the air and catching them in my mouth but as I threw one up my mom started talking to me. So as not to be rude I responded to her totally forgetting about the Gusher suspended in air above me. As gravity would have it, the gusher crashed into my face and of course rolled under the refrigerator. So I asked my mom to throw a gusher across the room so I could catch it in my mouth, so I give her a gusher and she nonchalantly put its in her mouth. I should have seen that one coming.

Never underestimate the power of a cheese-puff as a conversation starter

Reason #774 Why I hate Bruxelles
Bouncer: Hats off, If you get caught with it on, you’re done for the night.
Me: You’re kidding right?
Bouncer: Nope
Me: That’s pretty [explicit deleted] ridiculous

Since there isn’t two ways to describe the indescribable, I’m not going to try. So if you haven’t already check out Ostrowe’s Snakes on a Running Diary

Fitzyday August 30, 2006 may be the greatest/most talked about Fitzyday of the summer.

Now I have heard some rumblings that the Vanilla Frosty is nothing more than soft-serve vanilla ice cream with a fancy name. That is a crock of malarky. As previously stated in the commercials a Frosty is a soquid that you can eat with a Fpoon if you choose to. I will no longer entertain any negative comments made in reference to the Holy Grail of frozen beverages.

How much do you think you get paid to be a random bystander who David Blaine performs magic in front of?

These cats are playing us like fiddles

Does anyone else think that Andre Agassi should wear a blonde mullet wig during the US Open this week as a tribute to himself. I guarantee this would raise the rating by at least one point. As a sidenote what do you think Andy Roddick is doing to make sure he doesn’t get eliminated in the first round this year? As a second sidenote what is Andy’s mojo up to this year? Do you think he is being held against his will in a basement somewhere by Roddick’s coach?

CMPoint: (walks into bar) Hey, so is my girlfriend smoking hot or what?

I guess it goes without saying but that Tiger guy is pretty good. Him missing the cut at the US Open was probably the worse thing that could happen to everyone on the PGA Tour not named Tiger. Last sidenote I promise: Props to Stu Cink this weekend for becoming the first player in I don’t know how long to shoot an under-par round while playing with Tiger Woods in the final group on a Sunday.

The other day Jon (not Merm) and I had a spirited conversation about what Laura was ordering for the luxury box at the Giants’ games:
J: What the heck is the chicken capri?
R: It’s those little pants that end around the calf
J: How the heck do they get those tiny pants on those tiny chicken legs?

In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart


2 comments on “Title Track (8.28.06)

  1. I know I’ve said it before, but I’d just like to reiterate that if CMPoint didn’t exist, you wouldn’t even be able to make him up, he’s that unbelievable.


  2. Okay so… even though we’re not friends anymore based on your SERIOUS neglect of your online duties, you MAY get a second chance simply because you started a sentence with, “As gravity would have it…” Genius Nicholas. PURE GENIUS!~ Amber


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