Self Titled

While at dinner one day, one of Tara’s teammates asked her who her boyfriend was. Before Tara could even open her mouth, another teammate responded with: “He is that guy who always wears a hood and listens to his headphones.” The answer was sufficient enough to not warrent anymore questioning. Now should I get offended. I don’t think so. One, at least i was refered to as “that guy” and two, the fact that no more explaination was needed proves that I’m not as invisible as I believe.

That got me to thinking, what if I didn’t have the hood? There was only one way to find out. So I used today as a test. I left the creepy hood guy at home and DappeRick made a surprise guest appearence sans the headphones. But for the record, even DappeRick wears a hat at all times.

9:40 Leave my room and grab a newspaper. My timing was poor this morning and I was outside Alumni waiting for Tara to get out of her Magic Spells and Witchcraft class. Luckily the wind was behaving and I didn’t freeze. Apparently there is a wide variety of aviary wildlife in the Springfield College area. I never noticed before since I always had the iPod cranked.

9:50 We stop off at the post office to see if today is destined to be DvDegrassi Day. And as luck would have it, awaiting me in my box is Degrassi season 4. I instantly became way to giddy for my own good. I didn’t even want to go to any of my classes, but I was a trooper.

10:10 This girl in class tells me that she loves Degrassi. She gains a few points in my book bringing her back to the “not hated” area. Her in class comments usually piss me off.

10:50 We book it out of PR to beat cancer girl. I don’t want my nice shirt to get caught up in the wrong cloud. On the walk I realized that it is fun to hear parts of other peoples conversations, especially people walking the other way. Some snippets that perked my ears today:
“I couldn’t believe I did that either”
“That’s when I saw my dog bent….”
“On the bar last night infront of…”
“Jim$ tie collection is awe inspiring”
Ahhh, the normal Friday morning college campus conversations. You won’t believe it when I tell you, but last night I played a heated game of ping pong then watched Cheep Seats before going to bed. And it was fantastic!

11:45 I walk into Cheney for lunch and have a nice conversation with the card swiping lady. For the sake of this study, I will blame this on the DappeRick.

12:10 After plowing through a Cheney lunch, sans the apple juice, I give up on the study for the sake of watching Degrassi. After watching the one hour season premiere, I find myself almost sprinting to make it to my 1:00 class on time.

1:55 The end of DappeRick as I change into my gym clothes. However, I am able to squeeze in another two Degrassi episodes beforemy 3:00 class

All in all the study didn’t proved that I am going to wear my hood and headphones all the time. I wasn’t really missing anything. Plus life is much better with music anyway.

Post Script: The final count on license plates this summer, if anyone cares was 47. I was missing Wyoming, North Dakota and Hawaii. Making the winner Tara. I didn’t rig it, I swear.

Post Post Script: Before writing this post I took a gander out the window and to my surprise Walter, Susan and the Gang finally made their first appearence of the new school year! And the kids are all grown up. They are all so handsome. Jim Nantz and Tom Brady better watch out.

3 comments on “Self Titled

  1. I went back to the original licence plate post to refresh my memory on the prizes that were offered to the potential winner. I was going to ask you which prize Tara picked- The lotto ticket? the beer at fitzy’s? a date with Tad Hamilton (role played by N.Casanova)???!!! Hey, wait a minute – I remember the prize was ONE date but now the post reads:- An unlimited amount of dates with Tad Hamilton So, while the contest was actually won by Tara, the PRIZE was retroactively changed after the fact. Hummm I wonder why. And while I didn’t actually win the contest I think you owe me a lotto ticket on principal alone. You still cheat on games. Mom


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