The BSC and a Collegiate Collage

You could argue that this is my 52nd post, however, I am going to cite the fact that two of the posts were retro posts thus making this the “Milestone Fiftieth Blog Post.” Thank You, Thank You. No need for applause

I hate Florida. Ask me to explain this and I more than likely can not. But for some reason I hate them. And ever since they won the College Basketball National Championship, I have hated them even more. So of course, what happens, they get a chance to play in the BCS National Championship Game.
In a related tangent: Can someone please explain how the new BCS system better determines the national football championship? They add an extra game, but all it does is add two extra teams into the BCS stratosphere. College football will never have a playoff system because there is so much money tied up in the Bowl system. By money tied up I am referring to the money paid to the conferences by having their teams play in bowl games. So the only effect the news system has is that it allows the BCS to admit both Boise State and Notre Dame without there being too much internal outrage. What is the difference between BCS and non-BCS bowls?
MPC Computers Bowl: Participants get to go to scenic Boise Idaho for a payout of $750,000
BCS Bowls: Participants play in truly scenic locales, in front of enormous national audiences and the payout ranges between $14 and $17 MILLION

Here is another fact the Big Ten, SEC, and Notre Dame also get an additional $6 million from the BCS just for going along with all this chicanery. So even if Notre Dame had sucked it up and gone to the Bowl, or even no bowl at all, they still receive $6 Million from the BCS. No comment

What is the solution to all of this. I don’t know. But that is the glory of having a blog, I can still bitch about it. Perhaps the NCAA could have an eight team playoff system based on BCS rankings. But then you would get people complaining about the lengthened season as well as a huge fight as to what sites would host the semi-finals and championship game.

Or there could be a six team playoff system where the top two seeds get a bye.

The first two rounds could rotate among the big four bowls and then the championship game could rotate sites like the Super Bowl does. This would add one more week to the current system. In terms of the money, each of the teams in the BCS Playoff would receive the same amount of money for their conference.
But then again under this format people would complain about coming in seventh and not sixth . But that comes with the territory when you are talking about human decided rankings.
This is from Pat Forde’s most recent column: Rutgers came within a dropped touchdown pass of playing in the Orange Bowl, but instead they have been relegated to playing Kansas State on the NFL Network. Hindsight values the drop at $13 million dollars.
But that’s enough about college football, it’s giving me agita. The college basketball landscape is very attractive this year.
First you have the Springfield Pride’s Women’s Basketball team playing some exciting basketball. I’m not sucking up I swear. I am truly a fan.
Second I can’t remember the last time there were so many different number one teams after the first month of the season. March Madness is shaping up to be fantastic this year. Thank heavens for TV’s in cubicles.
Worst Name Ever. Oklahoma State Guard JamesOn Curry. Seriously. No Joke. That is Rucking Fediculous.
Last collegiate tidbit of the day: Only two more weeks left in my college career. Bah.

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