Danger Will Robinson

So why should I just rely on things that happen in my life to fill up my blog space. My blog is housed within the phenomenon known as the Internet, and in fact there are an immeasurable number of other blog within this same domain. Now I know from personal experience, surfing the Internet can become a never ending pastime thanks to a devil of an invention that I bet most people take for granted, the Hyperlink. So why not share the fun things that I find on the Internet with my loyal fan base, while adding my own spin. So without further adieu The Rick Presents his untitled Internet hot list (so to speak)

Background: The Honda Motor company has been developing a robot for sometime now. ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility), as he/she is called, can do all sorts of stuff such as run, jump, recognize faces, recognize it’s name, and of course what is any type of electronic device without Internet connectivity.
Anyway, the purpose of me telling you this is because ASIMO frequently makes appearances at conventions and conferences and what not. This video was captured at one somewhere in Asia I assume, so unless you know Asian dialects you don’t need to worry about turning the sound up. But then again with the sound it is fun to hear the gibberish spoken by the cameraman. Just take one minute and thirty-five seconds (1:35) out of your life and watch this video. I swear it may possibly be worth your time.


Ok you have to admit that that was at least a little funny. Ok fine I’ll admit, I don’t know why I found it to be so funny, but I was cracking up while watching that in class. The best part is that after he tumbles down the stairs the scientist or whatnot run over and put a screen up to block the views of the general public. That must be when the midget inside of it crawls out and is promptly murdered to prevent the spread of this catastrophe. Mind you everyone in the audience received a Men In Black Flashy Thingy, but the video lives on!

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