Title Track (1.22.07)

It’s been a long time, and this here is the first official post of the new calendar year. Since our last broadcast, here at CTS, a lot has gone on in the world. Lets reflect:

Two notable deaths happened. One of the natural cause variety (Gerald Ford). One of the not-so natural cause variety (Saddam). I guess you could also include James Brown and Bam Bam Bigelow in this list, but different strokes for different folks eh. I can’t help but think about conspiracy theories with the Saddam one though. I bet in this day and age it is easy to fake someones death. Chevy Chase has been dead for a while now and no one has told him.

Classified Ad: WM looking for time machine/teleporter combination. That would be great. Thanks.

Florida won the BCS National Championship Game and by beating the team everyone thought was the best team in the nation, they have proved that they are the best team in the nation. I still hate them though. Now we have to live through another three months of hearing about their dual titles.

After the longest drought ever, it finally snowed. Thank God. I was starting to get really pissed off. Now I can take Mother Nature off my list. Oh who am I kidding my list has no real power. It only aspires to have half as much clout as Tara’s famous list

While at IHOP one fine morning. This very important looking guy sat down at the table next to Tara and I. Now I am not exaggerating when I say that this guy was on his cell phone the entire time. So the waitress brings him his food and unfortunately gives the guy too small of a plate, so he covers the microphone on the phone and says the following: “Hey. Can I get a bigger plate for these pancakes. Bare with me here, but here is my vision. I’m gonna pour my syrup on these pancakes and it’s gonna get all over your table here. I don’t want that to happen. So can you get me a bigger plate.” I can’t make this stuff up. If I did the waitress would have laughed in his face. She didn’t for some reason.

The Winter X-Games are this weekend. I’m stoked.

This morning I was walking underground and I was walking down the stairs I caught myself quoting that time I saw Bobby McFerrin fall down all those stairs. It’s too much man.

Amazing how this morphed into the Beep Bop Boop Bip that we all know and love.

So DirecTV is trying to lock up rights to the MLB Extra Innings package. Their offer is a reported $700 Million over seven years. Sounds like a lot until you realize they pay $700 Million A YEAR for Sunday Ticket. With 2 million subscribers to Sunday Ticket. At say, $235 a pop, you got $470 million right there. Plus this doesn’t count the inflated price that public places (such as bars) have to pay for the service. And I’m sure DirecTV gets ad revenue somehow, although I have to admit I don’t know how that works. So in conclusion don’t give your girlfriend a dirty fitzgerald.

Recently in Atlanta, these new AirTran billboards were put up:

Barclays paid $400 Million for the right to name the new building which the Brooklyn (currently the New Jersey) Nets will play in beginning in 2009. The deal is good for 20 years and is roughly equivalent to the deal Citibank signed to sponsor the new stadium for the Mets. Just for the record, the next biggest stadium deal was signed by Phillips for the rights to the Hawks and Thrashers Arena in Atlanta: 20 years $187 Million.
Addendum to this story. Some guy from the Daily News I believe, I could look it up but I’m too lazy right now made a good point. I’ll quote him, but once again who knows how accurate my memory is…”They are tearing down apartments where people have been living for 90 years so that they can build an arena which we be told is obsolete in 20 years?” I can’t say I agree with everything that he is implying (because in fact there is a plethora of other stuff attached to the arena complex) but it’s an interesting point.

That concludes our broadcast day. Thanks for watching NBC. BOOOOOOOOOOOOP………..

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