Big East Tournament Running Diary

Day 1:

10:00 I feel like crap, but I am still excited for the Syracuse/uconn game (for the record, I refuse to capitalize uconn like it probably should be). I am running around trying to finish all my work so that I can watch most of the game. But knowing the Piccinich effect, I will be called into an office to do something. I just sent out an email to my bosses to drop a subtle hint, that for that time span I would not like to leave my desk. I’ll do work, but I’m not leaving the cube. Oh the joys of having a TV on my desk.
Gang – I’d like to apologize in advance for any loud noises emanating from my cube between the hours of 2:00 PM ET and 4:30 PM ET while Syracuse is playing uconn. If my poor eating habits don’t kill me, Syracuse surely will.

11:07 The game is not for three hours and I am still complaining about these jerseys that Syracuse is supposedly wearing. They make me furious. Every time I see them, which every time I read anything about the team and today’s game, I start complaining. I don’t even know where to begin with the over/under on number of times I complain. 200? 250?

11:23 I have started eating whatever I can get my hands on

11:28 GQ comes out of his office and says: “This has Nick’s name written all over it. Pinstriped and everything.” He hands me a snazzy NBA All-Star jacket. It’s awesome. Black and pinstriped without any gaudy logos. Maybe I should suggest that Syracuse wear pinstriped jerseys, now that would be awesome.

11:35 These new jerseys are so terrible.

11:36 Best jersey related comment yet:
Overall, Nike’s “System of Dress” deserves not only a failing grade, but probably should be admonished by an act of Congress or a misguided jihadist in a grainy video aired on a forgettable Arab cable television network.
Second place:
[Nike] has also created the impetus for endless conversations starting with the phrase, “Andy Rautins has the torso of a 15 year-old girl.”
Both quotes from: Syracuse Fan House Blog

11:39 For those of your thinking: “Doesn’t he have better stuff to do at work.” Shut up. Here is my justification. I am just using the time that I used to participate in the mail chain to write this blog. Since the mail chain has gone the way of Barbaro, I now have time that I can redistribute to other activities.

11:58 When they say Borat is the funniest movie of the year, are they referring to 2006 or 2007. They are trying to pull a fast one.

11:59 Doug Gottlieb is a tool, but he just said that a loss and Syracuse is on the bubble again, and I agree with him.

12:00 DePaul (who has been characterized as bipolar) kicks off the Big East tournament by playing Mar State (who has been characterized as winded)

12:15 This isn’t the first time this has ever happened, but with the score 8-2, an ESPN graphic just pointed out that Villanova has been on a 8-2 run in the last 4:21. I’m still pissed that Mar State beat Syracuse over the weekend, but their freshman guard, Scottie Reynolds is pretty cool.

12:19 In an unrelated note: I told myself that I have to start eating healthier so for lunch I think I am going to get a chicken salad. Odds of this actually happening: 15-1

12:35 When I have a son or daughter I know they are going to become a Mar State fan 3/4 because on the ESPN scoreboard they appear as “NOVA” and 1/4 to spite me.

12:38 Nice, a stress ball. This is going to come in handy later. I wonder who I’m gonna wing it at if Syracuse losses.

12:53 This is the picture on ESPN’s front page right now. Nichols (center) looks pissed off. Devendorf looks very evil. I don’t know what Rautins is doing with his hand. It looks photoshopped. And that referee, who is clearly not Ed Hoculi, is up to no good. Andy look out.
1:03 Do I like how ESPN refers to the NBA as “the association.” Good question……
1:07 I have stepped out to lunch. Will I get a salad? Time will tell.
1:29 OK OK Shut up. I didn’t get a salad, but I have a perfectly good reason. First off, Rockefeller Plaza + Lunch Time Rush + School Trips + Precipitous Weather Conditions = Ridiculously Large Lines. I hate lines, especially when I am hungry. This is why I normally go to lunch at 2:30. The line at the salad place was huge, and in addition to the length of time it would take, I don’t know how to order a salad. It would step up to the plate and be more frozen than Carlos Beltran in game 7 last year. I don’t need to make a fool of myself or ruin the assembly line process for everyone else. Then of course due to the lines my three indoor backups were also thrown out the window. I settled for pizza. I’m going to turn into a pizza one day. Oh yea, I also got an Auntie Anne’s Pretzel to help me survive all the walking.
1:47 After all my rambling, this game has gotten close. Mar State is only getting points from Reynolds and Sumpter……..PS Jason Chandler just made one of the best reverse layups I have seen in a while
2:12 And Mar State rides out a victory with the help of their tremendous free-throw shooting. Best in the conference and it showed today. Very similar performance to the one that beat Syracuse on Saturday.
2:19 Jon calls me into the office. The Syracuse game is slated to start in about 20 minutes. Piccinich Effect strikes again.
2:39 I make it back just in time for the tip. And also a pleasent burst of 5 mail chain emails. My headache is reaching epic levels. Hopefully the Syracuse jerseys don’t make it worse.
2:45 The jerseys haven’t made me puke yet. Most of the guys wised up and got the jersey a size to big. Watkins is the only one wearing a tight one. I think Nike exagerated the tightness on their website. I still argue that the jersey’s look stupid. They also have stupid silver stripes on the back of the shoulders.
2:48 Syracuse starts 1-9 and I am blaming the jerseys. They are hitting part of the backboard I didn’t even know existed.
2:59 The jerseys still suck. They aren’t that tight, but they look stupid.
3:07 Harris getting kicked in the junk leads to a fast break dunk.
3:13 I’m trying to remember someone saying: “This is going to be a very good team in the years to come” about Syracuse. I don’t think it has ever been said. When Carmelo was there everyone knew he was leaving after one year. This year everyone thought we would be terrible and then Nichols and Rautins surprised everyone. Every year one player steps up and becomes a go to guy. It’s great, never a favorite, never a bottom dweller, I love it. Makes life exciting.
3:18 Good 35 seconds of scanning every Syracuse player up and down to show-off their jerseys. Huge three by Nichols.
3:20 Syracuse is playing good for the time being, they are now down by one. I blame the jerseys. They just played that Bud Light Super Bowl commercial with the monkies. It still sucks.
3:29 Between AIM, the stress ball, and work I have managed to control my screaming
3:46 Championship Week presented by Dick’s Sporting Goods brings you the Big East Championship Presented by Aeropostale. Thats the name of this program.
3:58 Nichols “sinks a three to the delight of the orange clad partisans”
4:01 I want Bill Raftery to narrate my life. He emphasizes the last word of every sentance. It’s great. Nick today woke up at FIVE FIFTY THREE! Rick is about to leave Springfield, and there is Tara, he leans in for the KISSSSSSS Etc etc….
4:18 Time to relax a bit SYRACUSE 62 – uconn 48. Of course if I rest too much uconn will come back. Oh wait nevermind, uconn traveling violation leads to technical on Calhoun.
4:21 Calhoun gives a foul call on Syracuse a sarcastic applause.
4:25 I don’t know how much Aeropostale is paying to sponsor the Big East Tournament, but you would think it would be enough to get them a bigger presence in the logo plastered on the floor. Granted they are all over the rest of the arena, scorers table, and jumbotron but still…
4:46 Solid second half for the Cuse leads to a good win. uconn seemed sluggish and those old jerseys they were wearing really was a disadvantage. Now I can continue the day in a good mood. The running diary will make it to day 2!

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