Big East Tournament Day 2

Well the Running Diary of Day 2 was even worse than BP’s attempt. This is what it came out to be:

8:30 Get to work
4:30 Syracuse Loses
4:45 Open Gmail
5:40 Leave work

Oh yea, I went to lunch today late so there were no lines, perfect chance to get my salad right. Nope, I got Subway again. But I also got Sun Chips, thats healthy. Good start Rick.

However, I offer this thought from my bus ride home. We all know how eager Hollywood is turn turn real life stories into movies. Imagine if they start taking very pedantic events and turning them into movies. Remember a few years ago when all those guys lifted a giant rock so that Tiger Woods could hit his shot. They could make a movie about all those guys and how they converged to lift the rock. I bet one of the guys wasn’t going to go that day but at the zero hour got his ticket. And one guy almost went to hang out at a different hole. Then the big rock lifting scene could be in slow motion and then they could give Tiger “Muppet Adult Treatment” where you only see up to his thighs.

To make up for this crappy blog I present:

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