Title Track (4.22.07)

There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.

Tara saved me this magazine she found because Mar was on the cover. The first thing she said as she handed it to me was, “Mar could have bought a lot of watches with that much money.”

Best minor league baseball team: Augusta Green Jackets

This week on Dateline, :
Chris Hanson: We were provided with a chain of emails Peter Ryan sent last week, in them, we see just how twisted he really was. In separate emails, Ryan says:

“I would like to smack J’s T’s. Why don’t u stop banging Caroline in the bathroom. I love T’s. Bah I’m winded. Dmo is a mooncricket”

J’s T’s expert, Jim$, was called in to analyze just what Ryan was talking about. In a statement he said: “As I reported last year, J’s Ts are much more myth and folklore then they are reality. We discussed this last year; however after about five minutes of living in a world where J’s Ts are not that massive, someone falls back into the legend and starts talking about them again.”

Arena football walked away from NBC because they thought they were getting a raw deal. They signed on with that four-letter word which is synonymous with televised sports and thought they were doing a great thing for their brand. I’ll agree that they are now on Sports Center but the telecasts are getting a .2 rating. That’s a little over 230,000 households. On NBC they were doing a 1.0, also known as 1,100,ooo households. Do the math.

Who will be the greater champion once it is all said and done: Tiger or Federer?

Regardless of which side you are on, Yankees Red Sox games are fun. I may be on the Yankee side here, but it is entertaining to watch Manny hit home runs. If I was a kid playing sandlot ball I would be all over that imitation. And why is it that baseball mangers seem like they don’t do anything…

Abbreviated list of places I want to go before I die: Fenway, Rome, Wrigley, Pacific Coast Highway, Hawaii….

Derek Jeter hits a home run. I say that I am not impressed by Dice K. Dice K strikes out Abreu and Rodriguez with six pitches and makes Giambi look silly. Whats the moral? I should keep my mouth shut.

My heart is empty without you, sometimes you don’t know what you do, and I need you tonight, I’ll fall asleep and it’s alright, close my eyes and I’ll be by your side. And maybe in my dreams you won’t beat me in mini-golf.

…And that is all that matters

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