Title Track (6.8.07)

It’s been a long time. This blog is about to break out like small pox.

I have a new goal in life. When asked how things are going, I never want to respond: “They are good, a little boring, but that’s the way it goes.” There is no reason to be bored with life. Granted I may not do exciting things all the time, but at no point am I ever bored with life in general.

Tons of excitement from Hollywood today. Paris Hilton was sent back to prison. I heard the rumblings on the interweb about something going down and I turned on the TV. When I tuned into MSNBC, this headline was on the bottom on the screen: “TMZ.com reports……” Ok, hold on a sec. In the world of journalism, TMZ is two steps above Wikipedia, and one step above the National Inquirer. How does MSNBC even consider using it as a source? What’s more is MSNBC had the editor of TMZ on the phone live. This is like ESPN citing Deadspin as a source. But on the other hand, this could be the first sign of the Main Stream Media merging with the blog-universe.

Speaking of blogs and the interweb. I work for a television company. However, I only watch about 4 hours of TV a week. Unless there is a uber-event (Super Bowl, Notre Dame-USC, Syracuse Basketball) on TV. Thanks to the interweb though, I am able to keep abreast of everything that is going on in the world. And my preferred means of keeping informed; blogs. The best part about blogs is that they are less to read than a whole article, and meatier than just reading headlines. And thanks the proliferation of video players, I can see clips of all the notable stuff in pretty much anything on TV. I love the 21st Century.

Everyday it’s exciting to wake up, jump on the information superhighway and see what kind of trouble Michael Vick has gotten into overnight. Dog fighting is pretty despicable, but the most intriguing thing will be to see how Roger Goodall handles the situation. When Roger became the new Commish, he ushered in a new era of discipline. All NFL players are now held accountable for their actions. But up until this point all the players that have been punished have been marginal players at best. Lets see what happens shall we.

When Michelle Wie first exploded onto the scene, I welcomed it with open arms. It was a good novelty twist; especially if she could live up to all the hype. But now she is just annoying. Last week she dropped out of a tournament so wouldn’t shoot an 88 (which would ban her from the LPGA for the year). Rumor has it, that the tour was the one who informed her of the fact. She blamed a wrist injury. Now she just sucks at golf and is walking around with an aura of indifference. She should take a break and come back when she is ready. And leave her parents at home, because they seem to want it more than she does.

Terry, a.k.a. The Captain of the Social Scene in Rockland County is starting to accept his role in the nightlife.
Sunra: [Saying something while Terry is mid-sentence]
Terry: What are you doing interrupting me? I am the Captain. What the hell are you the Captain of?

In our lifetimes, the world of sports have seen many revolutionary changes. In recent years, the record books associated with many sports have been constantly altered. And you know why? Muscles. In golf, Tiger Woods got buff, shot ridiculously low numbers, set records, then the courses needed to change and his competition also had to start hitting the gym. Tennis same thing. Muscles give Rafael Nadal a slight advantage over everyone. Baseball, Football, Swimming, you name it. Young athletes are hitting the gym to gain as much of advantage as they can; and I’m sure the old guard is pretty pissed off. I’m sure when Freddy Couples was coming up, he golfed in during the day, then went out boozing. He didn’t need to be in shape to play golf.

Last night Ostrowe went into O’Malley’s while we went to visit The Boss next door at Casa Del Sol. He showed up 5 minutes later with a slice of pizza. He didn’t know where he got it. Then he went into the bar, bought a beer and sat down at the table. He found a beer on the table and started chugging that until the owner of the beer asked him for it back.

Belmont this year was interesting. For once I had seats which allowed us to move around freely without the risk of losing our spot. But sitting in the clubhouse with all the rich people was odd. One day I hope to get rich so I can be the anti-rich rich person. I’m going to wear shorts and a t-shirt to places where other rich people would dress up. The highlight was this guy in the bathroom looking at himself in the mirror:
Guy: “Everyday I get better and better looking.”

Belmont Note 2: Rags to Riches won a very exciting Belmont making her the first filly (girl) to win since 1905.

Watching the French (Toast) Open this morning we were treated to two ridiculous stats. Roger Federer is 277-19 (94%) in the last four years. And in the ATP world tennis rankings Federer is in first (7515 pts), Nadal is in second (5225 pts), Andy Roddick is in third (2930 pts). That is domination. Federer and Nadal are really in a class above every other tennis player in the world.

Like my uncle Les used to say “When the money is gone, it’s time to move on”. So enjoy it, you secret handshaking a-holes.

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