The Best….AROUND

Lets take a look back at the best of the best of the best:

First off you have this guy who I can’t stand. I refuse to embed his video on my blog.

However, this guy is way cooler. Well played Patriots fan. I salute you.

However, this wasn’t the only Belichick video made this week.

Staying with the football theme, you have this sick Bears catch from the preseason. And unlike the Marques Colston catch, you know this one is real.

At the beginning of the month I started the Question of the Day Mail Chain. I put everyone that I talk to on it and like the subject tells you, each day I ask a different question for everyone to answer. Even though only a quarter of the people that are on the email are answering, it has been a marginal success. Here are some of the top answers given thus far:

If you had a robot, an for arguments sake it’s name is Daryl, what power would the robot have?
Sars: Daryl would have the power to select Peyton Manning in the 14th round of a fantasy football draft

If you could have any superpowers what would they be?
Ostrowe: How could Evelyn and I pee on each other every night when she spends every night in Malibu with your thumb up her ass?
Mar: How can my thumb be up her ass when you already lodged your entire body in her ass?
Chip: Can I change my super power? I would like to lodge an entire person up my ass.
Dmo: We all know that Ostrowe pees on Evelyn and this piss drips into Daryl’s lawnmower which then Evelyn sits on and Daryl pushes to Malibu where he drops Evelyn off and Mar buries his face in Evelyns snatch while having a 3some with Gerry Oswald and he pulls his face out and has 60 dollars in his teeth. Then he gets up and schizes in Rey Vivar’s mouth so it’s sticking out of his mouth when Chip lohmiller kicks the schize through the uprights.
Sars: Bah my super power would be to fly, have super strength, and xray vision like superman. Of course I would probably still be pathetic, and so would probably still not leave my house enough to develp an arch enemy.

What is the first thing you’d buy if you won the lotto?
Chip: The lotto? I mean come on. You’re better than this…But I’m not…..I’d buy Daryl.

Invent your own color
Ostrowe: Steve Elkington Putter Brown
Mar: Evelyn’s Urine into Anfron’s Mouth Yellow
Rick: Pupino Suicide Red

What class is Mar in right now?
Tara: Evelyn 101
Ostrowe: Advanced Lawn Mowing with Professor Daryl

Jim$: &%#@ Abby up the Ass 237
Anfron: Mar actually teaches that class

How did Pupino kill himself?
Mar: He was in a small enclosed room with Dmo’s flatulence
Anfron: A small enclosed room equals Evelyn’s Ass

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