Title Track (12.16.07)

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

So, the Mitchell Report…I’m sick of it already. Next topic.

College Basketball season is upon us. So far every Syracuse game has been exciting, I guess that is all you can ask for for any team. They don’t really like to play defense, but I’ll be damned if they can’t score points. THEY SCORED 125 POINTS TONIGHT! Now if only those rumors about they players telling Boeheim to leave them the fruk alone we found to be untrue.

I’m a man! I’m 40!

I’m looking forward to laugh at this video when I’m 40

PS read the Kevin Everett story in SI this week. Fantastic.

American Gladiators is going to awesome. I’m stoked.

This is a Terry Post!!

If I ever had to name a street, I’d give it some strange name, just to mess with people. It’s kind of like those parents who give their kids shitty name, except much less harmful. Examples include:
Street Road
Something Lane
Road Lane Drive Circle Court

While channel surfing, I stumbled across The Notebook on CBS, and you know that scene where they make out in a downpour, there were no nipples anywhere! You want me to believe that fabrics were so powerful in the 40s that they would block nipples in even the fiercest of downpours. Man it must have sucked to live back then.

OK fine. I watched the Notebook. So what?! It’s not as girly as you think. Shut up. LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

If they make chick flicks that are PG-13, they should be obligated to make an R-Rated version for guys to watch. That would be fun. OK, I’m done with chick flicks.

New York + Tourist + Me trying to get to the train = Fun (Shocking I know). My goal this year is to be “That Guy” in as many pictures of the tree as possible. I walk to the train everyday making stupid faces at every camera I see.

Time to make like a tree, and get out of here.

One comment on “Title Track (12.16.07)

  1. buy or sell: Former WWE wrestler Rob Conway is the father of Mighty Ducks standout Charlie Conway.After the championship game in Mighty Ducks 1, Rob walked in on Coach Bombay and Mrs. Conway and the rest is history.


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