Title Track (2.18.08)

A title track two months in the making, so even though all of this is old news, just deal with it.

In a Sports Business Daily Article from January 10 (so you can see how long I have been procrastinating) they were talking about Kelly Tilghman’s “racist” remark about lynching Tiger Woods. Since the black community was involved, The Reverend Al Sharpton had to be involved. While on CNN he stated “If I got on this show and said I wanted to put some Jewish-American in a gas chamber, I don’t care what context I said it in, the entire Jewish community would have the right to say I should be put off this show…” Now I may be over analyzing this using that statement in an example is a context, so since those words came out of his mouth I would like to urge the Jewish community to shut down Al Sharpton, he really pisses me off.

The goal of television advertisements is get people to be aware of your product. This is why ratings are so important (even if they use an archaic means of tabulating them). With cable and the internet and DVR and the like ratings points are becoming harder and harder to come by. There is only one show that is a guaranteed ratings monster. The Super Bowl. Hence why companies don’t hesitate to spend buku-dollars on a :30 spot. This year the commercials were adequate at best and the one that stood out the most was widely regarded as racist and is no longer being shown on TV. Still weeks after the Super Bowl has been over, no one is talking about the Bud Light Commercials, the Fed Ex commercial, or SARS’ GMC hybrid commercial, but the Sales Genie ad is still being debated. So in a way the big winner of the night was Sales Genie. If down the line some Male aged 18-34 ever needs some kind of sales lead, odds are he is going to remember Sales Genie and he’ll think to himself, “Man that was one racist commercial, but who cares….I was kinda laughing underneath the PC facade”

Speaking of Bud Light commercials. Everyone I know mostly gets Bud or Bud Light when they go out. And even if they don’t, most people generally stick to the same thing each and every time. So in reality, I feel that beer companies are really advertising to the 18-21 demographic because if you get them to order a Bud Light that first time they go to the bar, you may be able to have them for a while. Too bad beer vendors can’t advertise on Nickelodeon, you know they would if they could.

I am officially announcing that my favorite show on Television right now is Friday Night Lights. In related news, my favorite show that will only be on DVD two months from now is also Friday Night Lights

Here’s to the Syracuse Basketball team. As much agita as you gave me so far this season, I’ve really enjoyed the ride. Now if someone can please lock Donte Green and Johnny Flynn in a room for the off-season so they can’t declare for the draft, that would be greatttttttt.

Daryl – It must be nice to be Dougla$ and partake in free pancake day
Anfron – He doesn’t even have to get up off his couch..they bring the free pancakes to him with a side of stripper

Anfron – Bah we just started a new product line and the prefix for each part number is “MCC”…i think i might put some effort into this job and offer my first put of input to try and convince them to remove the second “C”

Rick – Moon Cricket College?
Ostrowe – At Moon Cricket College, they teach such clases as How to Bet $2 on Every Single Play in a Football Game and How to Make a Quick $100 at the Preakness
Rick – Here at MCC we are dedicated to giving you the most well rounded
education in the hood
Ostrowe – Not to mention our award winning photography class, How to Add Color to Pictures

Anfron: Jim$ first publication….How To Make A Million Before You Turn 20
Mar: Jim$ second publication – How To Bang A Million Chicks Before You Turn 20

SARS’ Legend of Terry: The way my dad told me the story (and his father told him), was when Terry was in second grade a bear attacked his school. All the other kids ran from the bear except for Terry, who refused to move until he finished his chocolate milk in one of those little breast implant type bags they used to serve them in. Well, the bear made the mistake of knocking Terry’s chocolate milk out of his hands, and you and I both know you don’t fuck with another man’s chocolate milk. Terry wrestled the bear down with his bare (no pun) hands, and was about to finish him off, when to everyone’s surprise, he let the bear up. He then offered the bear a beer, and just as the bear was about to chug an iced cold one with Terry, Terry turned around and gave him a stone cold stunner and waved both his middle fingers at him. At least thats the way my family has been telling the legend of Terry from generation to generation

I never thought I would be saying this, but the Slam Dunk contest was amazing this year. Between Gerald Green’s Birthday Cake Dunk, and Dwight Howard being amazing here & here, it was a lot of fun. But it was Howard’s third dunk that was by far the most amazing:

The only problem all night with the contest was that TNT insisted on starting with the trailing steady-cam which was terrible at capturing the magnitude of every dunk. It wasn’t until the third replay on every dunk that you could see exactly what happened.

One of the recent Degrassi episodes was about Ellie and her boyfriend, Jesse. The episode was titled “Jessie’s Girl.” At first I thought it was a pretty glaring typo, then I remembered that all Degrassi titles are the name of songs from the 80’s, in this case, the Rick Springfield song where he pines over the girlfriend of his friend Jessie. Maybe Rick should have just pointed out that his friend had a girls name.

Now, Where was I?

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