Title Track (3.11.08)

Please welcome Gentlemanly Productions into existence after an overwhelming number of you preferred that name and logo over the now defunct MCs & JsTs.

Speaking of that we know you can be overwhelmed, and you can be underwhelmed, but can you ever be whelmed? (h/t 10 Things)

Recent developments have brought to my attention another absolutely ridiculous name. J’Nathan Bullock. That’s not even clever. I’m speechless. It is worth noting that last time I made a similar statement in this space (See JamesOn Curry), I wound up developing an unhealthy man-crush on said person. Do the fates have a similar plan in store for me this time? Survey says: No.

Ostrowe makes a good point, J’Gaboo Bullock would be a much worse, yet hilarious, name.

I’m not sure if this whole Elliot Spitzer thing is more funny, or more sad. I am sure however, that it is a wonderful example of schadenfreude.

The website promised “university students, runway models, actresses and exotic dancers”, ready to “make your dreams come true”.

The allusions to prostitution are awesome. And the best part, due to the wonder that is the internet within 24 hours tons of hilarious shirts have popped up all over the place. Here is a taste of a few:
– Client 9
– Client 8
– Client 1
– Client 69
– Client $ (May be a figment of my imagination)
– A jersey type shirt with the name Spitzer and number 9
– I’m not only the governor, I’m also a client

In all honesty though, I feel bad for his family. They are going to have to put up with all this shit and it was no fault of their own.

Following the Prostitution Ring theme, why doesn’t anyone investigate Stanley Steamer? First off, have you ever seen one of their commercials? Some lonely housewife is complaining that her carpet needs a good cleaning. Then this “reputable company” sends a gentleman in uniform over, he provides a service, the company gets paid and maybe the employee may receive a little extra from the housewife. Second, there is the obvious Cleveland Bureau connection. I’m not saying, I’m just saying. If you find me face down in a ditch sometime soon, you will know I stumbled across something.

: Pupino was in surprisingly good shape yesterday, likely due to the appearance of his parents and his new girlfriend
: I am having trouble processing that last statement
: As was I until I started talking to her and realized that she is borderline retarded.

Recent Chain of Gentleman running joke: _______ still _______
The guy from paddy’s still owes me a wing
Yvonne is still trying to get the taste of Ostrowe’s urine out of her mouth
The Tiger Lounge still smells like shize
the MC still has $100
Vin’s Queso Dip is still delicious
(there are too many good ones to list them all)

Judgment day is tomorrow for Syracuse. If they don’t beat Mar state, they are out. Even if they win, they are not guaranteed entrance. Here’s to Gerry MacNamara and the 2006 Big East Tournament.

Post Script: Syracuse is 2-0 this year when I buy tickets to their games and don’t go. In retrospect I should have sprung for the tickets. What a disaster. That was depressing. The lone highlight of the game was the picture text I got from Mar featuring a piece of paper with “Cuse” written on it, in the toilet, with someone peeing on it.

J’RickOn Signing Off

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