Piccinich Madness – Final Four

This is what dreams are made of. Most people wait their whole lives to do something this meaningful, and now, with your help, someone’s dreams will come true.
Piccinich Madness Final Four

Triple Crown Region v. Dart Board Region
3 Hundred $ Kid v. 2. Birth of Mar

Hundred $ Kid:
Sigh. When you go to Preakness, the locals allow you to park on their lawns for a price. Every year we park in the same place. Well every year except 2007. That year Rick randomly decided to park in a new place. When the fine young gentlemen working the yard asked for $20, Rick asked if they had change of $100. The fine young gentleman affirmed that he did and once Rick handed the bill over the fine young gentleman ran away screaming “I GOT $100, I GOT $100.” The entire incident happened in slo-mo, yet no one was able to do anything about it. Easily the most surreal moment of all Preaknesses.

Birth of Mar:
Around out first Belmont trip in 2002 was when the Marty Piccinich idolization was beginning. By the time Rick was a freshman in college later that year Marty Piccinich was out in full force. In October of 2002, a Marty P reunion was scheduled in College Park, Maryland. Of course the Piccinich Effect reared its ugly head and that was the weekend of the Sniper Attacks in the DC area & Columbus Day weekend. The normal 4-hour drive to MD took almost 10. When we got there, Dmo’s party was already in full force, Rick retired to Dmo’s Bed and Mar started drinking. This was your typical College party where cups were sold and you had to re-use your cup. When Mar got his cup he wrote Marty on it so that people would know it was his. Later in the night, in a drunken stupor he lost his cup so he had to get another one. He began to write Marty on the cup again but passed out halfway through. The next morning, we found him with the cup still in his hand and only “Mar” written on the cup. Hence, a legend was born.

R: First off Congrats to all four entrants for winning in the regional finals
O: I guess you could say the hundred $ kid stole a couple of victories. LOL
R: And I guess you can say Mar lives in Evelyn’s anus
O: True story. This is a very tough match-up, both are defining events in the history of the Piccinich Effect
R: Both contestants have garnered much support over the course of their runs
O: Do you think the fact that the Hundred $ Kid was more recent and is still fresh in people’s minds plays a factor in this match-up?
R: It might. Who would win in a race: Mar during his cross-country days or the Hundred $ Kid (holding a 100 bill)
O: Mar has been winded as long as I’ve known him
R: But he once ran cross-country…that is unbelievable
O: Very, but even in those days I don’t think he could’ve caught up to the Hundred $ Kid
R: Mar is a gentleman. Hundred $ Kid…not so much
O: That’s an understatement. Will the Hundred $ Kid run away with this victory?
R: Well you can be sure Mar will be laying down
O: He’s fatigued
R: And exhausted
O: Not to mention winded. He was too winded to even finish writing “Marty.” Which is how he got here in the first place.


Testudo Region v. Jameson Region
3 Dmo’s Roommates v. 2 Korean Rummy

Dmo’s Roomates:
In all likelyhood, Dmo’s roommates could have all secured their own individual seeds. Combined, they are a force to be reckoned with.
BP: Known for going from a quiet, bookish guy to a complete rambling lunatic in the span of three beers. Once loaded up a paper airplane with a penny and threw it off the eleventh floor balcony, landing it on the hood of the only car in the parking lot who’s owner happened to be standing next to it.
Poppers: Known for being incredibly retarded. Has turned down sex with chicks on multiple occasions for reasons that make sense only to him. Once had his then-g/f inexplicably run out of his dorm room at 2am. Verbally assaulted a group of asians at the preakness who’s only crime was sitting next to us. Erased Mullets Over Miami.
Jurgen: Known for his stupid Boston accent, and his defining quote, “I hook up with ugly chicks because I fear rejection”. Head chef at Nubbinsville tailgates.

Korean Rummy:
If there were an official sport of the Piccinich Effect, Korean Rummy would be it. A complex game in which sevens are magical, it has been played in numerous bars across Rockland, often to the chorus of “What are you guys, playing Hold ‘Em?” by every passerby. It has also been played at several Triple Crown races, Rockland Lake, and on the moon. Not to mention the epic Korean Rummy In a Cell match.

O: I’m impressed with the run Korean Rummy’s made so far in this tournament, but I don’t think it stands up to Dmo’s Roommates
R: I Think Korean Rummy is the team I least expected to be here
O: Out of the final four, they are definitely the surprise
R: They are magical
O: You can’t discount the Asian finesse either
R: : Poppers hates Asians
O: Only when they’re having picnics in the middle of the Pimlico infield
R: Silly Chinese Chickens, picnics are for kids
O: I think the stories out of Eddie O’s wedding are enough to seal the deal on this one for Dmo’s Roommates. If Korean Rummy had made it to the wedding, then it’d be a much closer call
R: Koreans have soul. Well at least the Southern ones.
O: BP refused to drink because he didn’t want to get out of control, then refused to dance with Peg because he was too winded. Meanwhile Poppers and Jurgen got into a fight over the same chick, and neither one of them wound up hooking up with her
R: That is incredible
O: I think that’s the definition of a Thank You Korea


Vote Early. Vote Often. Vote Piccinich.

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