Yankees – Red Sox

Semi-Related Song for this post: Boston – Augustana
Currently the 61st most listened to song in my iTunes. Apparently someone told the lead singer of Augustana that Boston was nice in the summer. He was misinformed. East Coast Summer Heat Waves Suck.

A few weeks ago I used my big shot connections (Tara’s words, not mine) and scored a couple of tickets to the Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway Park on July 25. Last summer I hit up Fenway for the first time and I can honestly say that I like it better than Yankee Stadium. The House that Ruth Built has turned into a piece of crap. That being said, the bleacher seats are awesome and there is still an aura of exellence when you see the field for the first time. And of course it is more enjoyable than Shea.

The Yankees-Red Sox Rivalry peeked in 2004 after the Aaron Boone Home Run, but before the “strike cancelled the 2004 World Series.” Now the rest of the country is sick of these games, but New York, Boston, and ESPN can’t get enough of them. Tara thought it would be a good idea for me to wear my Mickey Mantle Yankees T-Shirt and for her to wear her Jacoby Ellsbury Red Sox T-Shirt. I reluctantly agreed and warned her that she was accountable for any bad things that might happen.

We watched the game 12 rows from the field on the third base line and it was a doozie. The Yankees won 1-0 so it was a happy ending for everybody involved. (Everybody being me) However, the best part of the day was the myriad of comments and dirty looks that we received. Here they are in chronological order:

~ Guy holding Starbucks coffee – “There is the first Yankee shirt of the day”
~ Collectables Store Owner – “You two actually get along?”
~ Guy on street – [Evil Eye]
~ Group of camp kids – “Booooo the Yankees!!”
~ Annoying BU Grad Student – “Oh my, that is funny. A yankees t-shirt and a red sox t-shirt walking. I wish I had my camera”
~ Street Vender – “Red Sox Fan and a Yankee fan together? That’s pretty good”
~ Drunk Sox Fan – [Evil Eye] (Ed. Note: Is there any other type of Sox fan? Ba-zing)
~ Random guy – “Is [Mantle] in the lineup today?”
~ Drunk Sox Fan 2 – “I paid so much fucking money for these seats and I gotta watch the Sawx lose while sitting behind Yankees Fans” (Ed. Note: He would go on to “accidentally” spill his beer on our host)
~ Guy in CVS – “You two will never last”
~ CVS Cashier – “He is your man? That is something. So he was happy, you were sad tonight.”
~ Drunk Sox Fan 3 – [Screaming across Subway] “How can you sit next to him!?”
~ Weird Guy on platform – [Whispering] “Wow I thought I was the only one in Boston”

The best part of the day was walking out of Fenway and silently acknowledging all my fellow Yankee fans in attendance. Job well done


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