Perpetual Fame

Scene: It’s a warm summer day in some unspecified future on a tree-lined street in the Baychester section of the Bronx.
(Switch to the POV of an unknown beast…no, no…Menace)
(Cue Jaws Music)
(The sound of three people walking down the street can be heard, they walk neither at a leisurely pace nor a frantic pace)
(The sounds of fingers moving quickly on a phone keyboard can now be heard. They are either placing a call, or sending text messages)
(It is now clear where the sounds are coming from. The unknown menace gets a good whiff of his prey and picks up speed. It is hunting with a purpose)
(One of the unsuspecting victims gets separated from the pack. He is seemingly oblivious to the imminent danger lurking behind him. Like many of young people in this future world, his attention is fixated on the mobile communication device he carries with him everywhere.)
(Suddenly he feels death lurking over his shoulder and turns to face his attacker. Upon seeing the Menace, he freezes out of pure fear. He is physically unable to react in anyway. His legs feels like cement block and tightness in his throat prevents him from screaming.)
(He is frozen for what feels like an eternity. He only wonders to himself if they have radios in heaven. He certainly hopes so)
(But like the T-Rex, the Menace’s vision is based on movement, so at the moment he is invisible.)
(Eventually Menace gives up and moves on to find his next victim)

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