Bailey’s – Week 4

Ostrowe and Rick walked into Bailey’s at 12:20 to find a table reserved for them. Even more impressive, it was the table that Ostrowe had called about yesterday. The conversation was along the lines of: “Hi this is Dan, the Panthers fan. Can we reserve the table near the door for tomorrow.” The girl on the other end obviously was confused so we figured it was a 1 in X chance of us having the right table. X being the total number of tables in Bailey’s

On the Left Coast, it is 9:20 AM. It would be awesome to be sitting at the bar, watching football, drinking a beer and eating omelets and French Toast.

This guy is sitting at the bar right now. Yes, he did use duct tape to change his Pennington jersey to a Favre jersey

Tom Seaver is sitting very pensively on the Mets Pre-Game show. A sign of things to come?

Rick and Ostrowe try to guess Hutter’s arrival and departure time today:
R – 2:45 to 5:10
O – 2:07 to 5:26

Moro sends Rick a text: “Not sure about Bailey’s. I’ll keep you posted” – Translation: Moro is not coming

Misty is wearing a Vernon Ghoulston jersey and pigtails. And she is still talking about losing weight. Somethings never change.

Mike Piazza’s frosted hair (circa 2001) was das ubergeigh

The Fox pregame show today is sponsored by Ironman. This means Ironman will inevitably have a meeting with Cletus. Hopefully it is the second Pupino walks into the bar. That would be UNBELIEVABLE

They have the Mets game on the big screen instead of football….oh wait never mind, no sooner than I wrote that, they changed it to the Jets game

O: Someone needs to fix this pregame epidemic of 800 person desks
R: NBC is doing something about it, they have 900 person desks

Jim Nantz and Phil Simms are working the San Diego v. Oakland game. How is that the best game they have? Sucks to be CBS this week

Ostrowe points out that organizing TVs, tables, and patrons is like one giant sudoku puzzle.

Ostrowe was excited to go green this week. With his new Blackberry, he no longer had to print out his fantasy lineup or picks this week, however, he feels lost without the paper.

CBS has a six person desk right now

There is a four-year old sitting at the bar right now. His dad tells him to be quiet and drink from his sippy cup

Tony Boselli doesn’t look like an ex-football player. He looks like a banker or better yet an actor that plays a football player on TV. Disney plans on training him to take over for Dennis Quaid in all their sports movies

Turns out the four-year old at the bar is Little Bailey

Watching Sunday Ticket becomes painful when FNL commercial come on since Rick doesn’t have DirecTV and therefore can’t see the first-run of the new season on TV

Jets wearing throwback blue jerseys + Fox using green graphics = confusing

Ostrowe’s Blackberry distracts him from a Panthers Defensive TD, however, Ed Hochuli throws a questionable flag for roughing the passer that negates the TD

Hutter shows up at 1:12. Ostrowe wins the Price is Right game

Favre is just looking like a kid out there as he throws a Favre-esque interception. He is having a lot of fun out there

Jacksonville scored on a rushing TD except MJD is not carrying the ball. Ostrowe is confused and upset.
R: Welcome to the world of MJD

Cardinals get called for a Rude Awakening

Daryl is running errands and will not make it out today

Rick’s car has been at the mall since Friday. Known his luck, it is no longer there

Some random guy is standing in front of the Panthers game. Ostrowe gets up and tells him to sit down

Cletus is doing Tai Chi

Anfron walks off the set of The Sopranos and into Bailey’s. His Sweatsuit and wife beater are impressive. They refuse to serve his spaghetti and meatballs

Anfron has started watching Degrassi and he is hooked. Ostrowe’s pyramid scheme strikes again

Ostrowe tries to point out Faux Hutter to Hutter and even though he is less than three feet away, Hutter can’t see him. It is determined that they live in separate time and space continuum’s

Rick makes fun of Hutter’s fantasy team. Hutter responds by asking if Rick has won a game yet. Touche Hutter.

Anfron eats his wings then leaves to go whack someone

Rick’s Tip: If you are in high school and trying to get into a bar, don’t wear a shirt from your high school

O: Whats worse: Being HS kids or us making fun of HS kids when we are ten years older than them

Newborn baby enters Bailey’s. That is a new record.

Misty tries to sit a group of guys at the table with us. We tell her that we have more people coming (an obvious lie). She doesn’t seem to care, but the guys get the hint and ask for a different table

Not five minutes later, some random old guy and his son(?) sit with us. Misty walks by and asks if those are the people we were waiting for. We say yes.

Anfron pulled a reverse Moro. AKA Leaving more money than necessary. What a gentleman

The Marlins just took the lead over. Mets fans now on suicide watch.

The Mets walk-in a second run. SNY shows a Mets fan in the stands holding a gun to his head. How did he get the gun in there…

Hutter creams his pants over a JP Losman jersey

Jim$ Enters!

A 2-Run HR by Beltran sends the bar into a tizzy

Joyce wears jean shorts

Hutter loves the backdoor and Misty loves resting her head on Ostrowe’s shoulder

The Marlins hit two HRs in the eighth and the bar falls deathly ill….I mean silent

A four player collision at the end of the Jets game ends Ostrowe’s fantasy season and Anquan Boldin’s real season. Kurt Warner proceeds to lead a prayer after he almost got his receiver decapitated.

Damon Eisley is the last hope for the Mets season. He walks which brings the tying run to the plate. However, the false hope doesn’t last long as Ryan Church flies out to end the Mets season and drain the bar of all energy

Misty’s service has gone completely downhill. We later find out that her dog has cancer, so she is upset about it. It is a boxer with two years left to live….

The first quarter of the Skins/Cowboys game is almost over and it hasn’t even been on the big screen yet

Misty walks by and pokes Ostrowe in the neck. She obviously wants him to poke her back.

O: Downstairs is deader than Anquan Boldin and Paul Newman

Ostrowe has a Cooley Buddy in the bar. No Homo

Hutter leaves at 5:33. Ostrowe wins again

As Rick and Ostrowe pay the bill, Misty puts a heart sticker on Ostrowe’s hand. Good god she is laying it on thick

Ostrowe drops Rick off at the mall, and his car is still there.


May the god bless you for ever

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