Bailey’s – Week 5

A Trivial Pursuit (1979 Edition) match that last till 2AM last night has left everyone fatigued, but nevertheless the thought of an afternoon at Bailey’s is too attractive to pass up.

Rick and Ostrowe arrive 53 minutes before kick-off and find 3 cars in the parking lot. The regular staff is on hand today and within a minute, Rick has a Sprite, Ostrowe has a Bud Light and the Panthers game is on the TV directly in front of him.

Ironman has replaced Cletus as the Fox mascot doing calisthenics on the sidebar. They have done of good job of setting up a storyline that should end nicely with a Triple Threat Match between Cletus, Ironman, and the Terminator at Wrestlemania.

Jillian Barberie has heavily dyed her hair and skin black.

For some reason Rick is using a gel pen to keep the log this afternoon. Ostrowe equates the use of a gel pen to being as effective as watercoloring the log

Scrolling on the Fox Ticker: “John Gruden is sick of Jeff Garcia’s diva act” Has Garcia reached the point where he can act like a diva? The state of the American QB is pretty sad right now.

This morning MTV had a Degrassi Mini-marathon. Greatest. Pre-Game. Show. Ever. Although I do suppose there are even more cast members than the CBS show has, but sadly, they did lose one this morning as JT was once again killed. POR QUE!!!!

In related news, Liberty Van Zant will grow up to look like Pam Oliver

TP Question: Who killed the Cock Robin?
Answer: The Swallow

Last night, Joyce had a cup of coffee to make it through Trivial Pursuit. He is still feeling the effects as his hand won’t stop shaking. Appropriately he orders a coke from Misty

A FNL promo is shown during a commercial break and Rick violently looks away.

Hutter enters using the front door…which is ironically behind us

That really isn’t irony

JMac hates both Cletus and Dipping Dots. He just wants to know when Dipping Dots will become the ice cream of the present

Cletus is now walking around during the billboard animations holding a bat. Probably for the triple threat match. Side note: I find myself watching Cletus during the billboard reads thus not paying attention to the advertisers. They might want to look into that.

Hutter gets smoked meat stuck between his teeth. He wishes they had floss on the table

Ostrowe nominates Smock for “Greatest Word Ever.” Pricewaterhouse Cooper will be counting the votes

Delhomme sells a roughing the passer call better than most jobbers

The Panthers game is experiencing some technical difficulties due to a sun outage. Please standby

Two, fat, douchebag Giants fans are arguing amongst each other that last years Super Bowl was the greatest ever. Their opinion is a little bias due to the fact that their team won.

Hutter: Is that the table buster?
Ostrowe: No, those are Nachos

There is a female Panthers fan here with her family. She screams at the top of her lungs after the Panthers do anything remotely productive. This is going to get old fast. Ostrowe loves being associated with them.

Cletus is now fighting with the Burger King. Triple Threat match now bumped up to Fatal-4-Way, Hell in a Cell

Misty’s Touchy-Feely games with Ostrowe have begun

Ostrowe wants to know why the guy in the NY Smoking commercial has a voice box with a Spanish accent. Does that exist?

Hutter is dressed like Steve Bartman today

Fox just did a feature on Pee-Wee football that was shot in HD, meanwhile, CBS still does some games in SD

Ostrowe screams out “Colts & Texans.” He is in utter shock that there is a good game on TV.

Dmo just sent me this video. If you remember Mr. Perfect, you will enjoy.

Parsley, Sage, Rosenfeld does not have enough Thyme to try to save this game that he completely botched. Sage must have either the Colts D on his fantasy team or he is playing against himself

The aforementioned Panthers fan skipped out on her bill because she didn’t think pint beers should cost more than 12 ounce beers

Ostrowe: Jerheme Urban is white?! I am screwed

The Cincinnati starting defensive lineup feature DH. Jones

Joyce went outside to talk on his phone and walked back in with Moro. Business just picked up

“The Bills are losing, the pats are losing, my fantasy team won; It’s a good day to be Moro!”

A Felix Jones run elicits a “Son of a coach” from JMac

MBIII again doesn’t get a red zone carry:
JMac: WTF, MBIII always gets the ball in the red zone
(Cuts to shot of cheerleader)
Ostrowe: I’d like my balls in her red zone

JMac: Have you ever looked at the ceiling?

Moro: Terry could beat the Chiefs single handily
Ostowe: Of course, a captain outranks a chief

According to that fan, the Cardinals are in beast mode

Joyce goes outside to talk on the phone and comes back with Jim$

French Onion Soup is the closer.

A winded bunch decide to leave at halftime. May the god bless you for ever

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