AST Dew Tour Photo Essay

All Summer long I have been going to the AST Dew Tour for work. We made stops in Baltimore, Cleveland, Portland (which I missed due to the Olympics), SLC, & Orlando. For those who care, I helped coordinate the International Feed of the event. While the show aired on NBC, it was simultaneously airing on Eurosport and Fox Sports Australia. I helped ensure that they had everthing they needed; Sat. Coordinates, VOD Bonus Material, etc.

That boring stuff being said, here is a brief photo essay of the final stop of the 2008 tour:

BMX Dirt is one of my favorite events. The hotel I stayed at is back right. That is a commute I could learn to love. Not to mention you can go home to take a shize.

Here is the arena setup from the nose bleeds. It didn’t take long to figure out why this section was called the “O-Zone”

Our NBC home away from home. If you call the production manager’s office in NY, the phone rings here. I love how that works.

See Jack’s Production Trailer, straight out of an Ikea catalog.

Production Truck 5 minutes before we are on air. Shockingly also 5 minutes before all hell breaks loose.

I’m not much of an FMX fan anymore, but it is very photogenic…Did I fuck up here?

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