Title Track (11.18.08)

Song for this Post:
How It Ends – Devotchka
The song from the end of Little Miss Sunshine, and more recently the Gears of War 2 commercial is fantastic background music for any routine activity. Doing housework while listening to this song instantly becomes 10x more awesome. Devotchka is Russian for girl, and was brought into the American nomenclature by the movie Clockwork Orange. In addition, this is also the first band I have ever seen fall into the “Gypsy Punk” genre on Wikipedia. Look for this song to enter my iTunes top 25 by the end of the year.

Fantasy Cred > Street Cred?
Street Cred doesn’t really fly with the mainstream (though strippers do love when athletes make it rain) and there are a ton of people playing fantasy. The Giants gave Brandon Jacobs three tries to score from the 1 yard line this past Sunday. I just like to believe that Jacobs told Coughlin, “Come on coach, I need to get the six. I can’t have the fantasy guys thinking I’m a punk who can’t score”

The Lesnar/Couture fight Saturday was terrible. Everyone is saying Lesnar is the next big thing in MMA. I still think he is an oaf. UFC practically jobbed Couture. He is 45 years old and 40 lbs lighter than Lesnar. They badmouthed how EliteXC was using Kimbo, and this is pretty much the same tactic. Just replace Internet street fighter with WWE fighter.

I will admit, however, Lesnar has a much better chance of learning how to become a MMA fighter. In a few years he should be a legit fighter, so long as no one asks him to pull off a shooting star press..

It is funny how there are people on both sides during every election that feel like the world is going to end if their candidate is not elected.

This may seem like I am fawning over Obama for all the wrong reasons, but he is a tech addict and that is awesome. Weekly YouTube “fireside” chats. He is a crackberry addict (they want to take it away from him since all emails the President sends become public domain, that could get messy), and he wants to be the first President to have a laptop in the oval office.

That being said, I have ZERO political credibility

Last Obama related entry, I promise. On 60 Minutes he was discussing how he wants to fight to get a college football playoff instituted.
1) He probably should focus on some more important issues.
2) While at one time I also proposed a way to fix the BCS (in not nearly as public a forum). But over the years my tune has started to change. I have started falling in line with the “the entire season is a playoff” way of thinking. If teams win their games, they have nothing to worry about.
3) Obama will lose this fight. There is too much money tied up in the bowl system and the NCAA is too stubborn.

Walking around Brooklyn I find myself clinging to the belief that the random lone “white” guy walking around is way more ominous than a group of locals

The L train is the godfather of subways. My life would be enriched if I was able to ride it everyday

After I went on a rant against fake viral videos, I admitted that I have been very cynical as of late. Rob was quick to point out that everyone who shops for apartments in NY will eventually become cynical.

Drunk Anfron + Drunk Joyce = Danger to Society
And I can’t wait till the Preakness because of it. Will we actually get a Boces Van like Joyce said? Only time will tell.

ESPN is now paying 25 Million per year to put the British Open solely on ESPN. Today they just added the BCS for 125 Million per year. First time a golf major has been only on cable, and the first time a major sport championship will be decided on cable. ESPN survives on their subscribers fees, and at this rate, they seem like they want to buy everything in the known sporting universe. The networks are not going to be able to compete. At some point, even ESPN will run out of enough hours in the day to promote all their partners.

Just a straight link here. I must be out of my cynical phase already because I really want this to be real.

A conclusion is simply a place where someone got tired of thinking

Landsdowne Road – Part II

Our first excursion to Landsdowne was such a success, it was impossible to pass up a return trip. Accompanying us this time would be Joyce, Jim$, Anfron, and Sweet Lou. What could possibly go wrong.
…Might as well keep a live blog just in case…

Post Script: That was a great night. It was good practice for handling Drunk Anfron and Drunk Joyce in the same place at the same time. Last night, Jmac proclaimed that he would be at Bailey’s on Sunday. Once again, however, he did not get off the couch until 3:45 PM.
For those keeping count at home, the average length of time it takes Jmac to recover from Landsdowne is 23 hours. Here are some pictures to remember the night by:

1. Landsdowne offers novelty towers of tap beer. Anfron ordered 3
2. Rick looks like Drunk Anfron in the back, however, he was just blogging
3. Scooby “hmmmm”
4. No Clue
5. Joyce led us to the Irish Rouge. Correction, he stumbled in the direction Rick told him to go faster than anyone else.
6. Drunk Anfron didn’t even drink any of his beer. We should have taken him home at this point
7 & 8. It is like a nature preserve
9. The Irish Rogue pours a perfect pint of Guinness
10. Jmac pours a perfect pint of Guinness onto Rick’s pants