Landsdowne Road – Part II

Our first excursion to Landsdowne was such a success, it was impossible to pass up a return trip. Accompanying us this time would be Joyce, Jim$, Anfron, and Sweet Lou. What could possibly go wrong.
…Might as well keep a live blog just in case…

Post Script: That was a great night. It was good practice for handling Drunk Anfron and Drunk Joyce in the same place at the same time. Last night, Jmac proclaimed that he would be at Bailey’s on Sunday. Once again, however, he did not get off the couch until 3:45 PM.
For those keeping count at home, the average length of time it takes Jmac to recover from Landsdowne is 23 hours. Here are some pictures to remember the night by:

1. Landsdowne offers novelty towers of tap beer. Anfron ordered 3
2. Rick looks like Drunk Anfron in the back, however, he was just blogging
3. Scooby “hmmmm”
4. No Clue
5. Joyce led us to the Irish Rouge. Correction, he stumbled in the direction Rick told him to go faster than anyone else.
6. Drunk Anfron didn’t even drink any of his beer. We should have taken him home at this point
7 & 8. It is like a nature preserve
9. The Irish Rogue pours a perfect pint of Guinness
10. Jmac pours a perfect pint of Guinness onto Rick’s pants

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