Gentleman of the Year – Round 2

The Gentleman of the Year vote is well on it’s way. And while the Board of Gentlemen are busy with their vote for the champion, it is time for the people to play catch-up. For the record, the people only picked one match up differently than the BoG.

Number 1 Seed: Terry
Nominated by Dmo

Captain of Rockland County
Drinks only Budweiser
Head bartender at Fitzpatricks
Pays only in cash
Gets a standing ovation when he walks into Fitzys
Makes a mean barpie
I could go on and on

Number 8 Seed: Mar
Nominated by Rick

Winner of the first hept-annual Piccinch Madness Tournament
Has drunk arms
Owns $20,000 watch
Lives in California with playboy bunnies
Survived west coast fires of 2008

Number 4 Seed: Ostrowe
Nominated by Joyce

Government Employee (excellent benefits)
Delivers my mail and Terry’s mail
Is always provoking Moro to act retarded
Has a way with the ladies, especially Misty
Is the late great captain of Bailey’s
Die Hard Panther Fan
Trivial Pursuit and board game extraordinaire
Excellent Facial Hair
Eclectic Music Tastes
Brought Red Breast Irish Whiskey to the “Masters” party
Invented Olberhauser “the German” who is actually Canadian
90210 – Live Blog

Number 12 Seed: Hutter
Nominated by Dmo

Bought Daryl underwear in Atlantic City
Bought Daryl on stage ass slapping in Atlantic City
Provides a nice pool to relax in the summer time
Got 2 free rooms at the Borgata
Hangs out with Paul LoDuca and David Wright
Claims he wants to grow up and be like Francis at Fitzys when he’s older
Didn’t mind when I peed in his shoes.

Number 2 Seed: Jim$
Nominated by Daryl

He has provided a couch to sleep on numerous times
Got me into the Hustler club for free (not having to pay the cover took the sting off of being kicked out)
Without Jim$ we would have NEVER known about Abby’s Ts.
Hasn’t arrested any members of the CoG for trading violations

Number 7 Seed: Drunk Joyce
Nominated by Rick

Provides tons of entertainment
Talks about titties a lot
Almost gets us killed by saying the word a lot
Loves Asians

Number 3 Seed: Rick
Nominated by Jim$

Provides free NBC apparel
Provides free tickets to sporting events
Provides designated driver services
Provides ambulatory services to Nyack Hospital

Number 6 Seed: Dmo
Nominated by Joyce

“The Godfather of Retards”
Wins millions in AC
Knows Steve from the dart lounge
Angling for Asst. Captain job
Fantasy Football winner

Vote Early. Vote often. Vote Gentlemen.

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