Title Track (2.19.09)

My Oscar picks:
Supporting Actress – Amy Adams (Only because of Amy Ripa on Privileged)
Supporting Actor – Heath Ledger (Deserved or sympathetic?)
Actress – Anne Hathaway (Straight up guess)
Actor – Mickey Rourke (It was a movie about a Wrestler, called The Wrestler, and set in Jersey. /Springsteen)
Best Picture – Slumdog Millionaire (Tremendous)
and most importantly…
Animated Feature Film – WALL-E!!! (Even better than Slumdog)

I don’t care about A-Rod. Possibly because I don’t care about baseball anymore.

I need to watch more Flight of the Conchords.

Villanova @ Syracuse this weekend. Big game. We need to beat Mar State. I can’t wait to see the Dome again.

Congrats to Jenn for winning Gentlewoman of the Year. She beat Peg in an epic final match. It stands to note, Lexi the Stripper was nominated, and after last week, Joyce said he wanted to change his first round vote.

Just went to Deadspin to try to get some fodder for this title track. First time in ages (I use Google Reader). Apparently they are sponsered by T-Mobile. Good for them. Does that make them sell outs?

Speaking of Google Reader. Do you read a lot of blogs?
No – Skip to the next post.
Yes – Do you use Google Reader?
Yes – Nice. Hello brother/sister.
No – Why the fuck not? Do you not realize how amazing Google Reader is? Subscribe to RSS feed and all new posts automatically get updated in one place. Never worry about missing a post or losing track of a site. I have 72 different sites I track, and have “read” 12,528 posts in the last 30 days. Over 400 per day. …Although I have become addicted to it. If I miss a day I feel like I have lost track of the world. This could explain the lack of a girlfriend…

The Onion is great. And their first foray into sports video was tremendous. Golf clap sirs. Golf clap indeed.

For guys. Gratuitous Cheerleader shot coming out of commercial

Game. Blouses.

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