NYC vs. Rockland

Let’s get it on.

Morning Routine
Wake up at 5:36
Get dressed
Leave house at 6:20

Wake up at 6:42
Make Lunch
See man about a horse
Get Dressed
Leave apartment at 7:30

Edge: NYC. An extra hour of sleep gives NYC an easy win

Leave house at 6:20
Get to mall at 6:30
Bus leaves mall at 6:37
Bus arrives at Tarrytown
Train leave Tarrytown at 7:01
Arrive at GCT at 7:40
Arrive at desk at 7:55

Leave apartment at 7:30
Get to subway at 7:35
Arrive 51st Station 7:45
Arrive at desk at 7:53

Edge: NYC. Do the math.

Post Work Activities
Leave work at 6:00
Catch 6:20 train to Tarrytown
Arrive at 6:55
Catch the 7:05 bus to the mall
Arrive at the mall at 7:35
Arrive home at 7:45
Make dinner
Bed by 10:45
Total hours awake at home: 3

Leave work at 6:00
Get to Subway at 6:10
Get to 96th Street at 6:25
Home by 6:30
Bed at 11
Total hours awake at home: 4.5

Edge: NYC

Rockland: $15
NYC: $23

Edge: Rockland

Rockland: Free
NYC: $2 to wash, $2 to dry

Edge: Rockland

Rockland: Nyack
NYC: Endless

Edge: NYC. Not that I have gone out since I’ve been here other than to watch basketball

CoG Members
Rockland: 5 + Moro
NYC: 1

Edge: Rockland

Rockland: 2005 Honda Civic
NYC: Subway

Edge: Push

Rockland: Yes

Edge: Rockland

Rockland: TERRY!
NYC: Unknown

Edge: Rockland

Things I did today before my roommate woke up
Food shopping
Made French Toast
Did dishes
Watched The Foot Fist Way
Surfed the Web
Played Shaun White for 2 hours
Helped Pops move a bookcase and desk into my room

Final word: I’ve been living in the city for 18 days now. The commute and all the extra time I have on my hands can’t be beat. However, without the CoG members, it is not as fun. Admittedly I am not taking advantage of the other perks of the city. My social ineptitude is keeping me from going out on Friday and Saturday night. I don’t want to be that person that goes out alone looking for people to talk to at bars. Here in the city, my designated driving skills are useless. I have faith that things will turn around, and I definitely dig the city atmosphere. More updates to come. And be sure to check out the twitter. It is updated daily.