Find Your Fire

Orange Head Syndrome: Something that is only funny to all or part of the Chain of Gentlemen. See: Find Your Fire Video.

The video for the second single off the GiVeN Greatest Hits Album also happens to be a poster child for why movies are usually meticulously crafted and not shot on the fly. Though in a way, the chaos kind of works.
Find Your Fire: The Official Video from Gentlemanly Productions on Vimeo.

Ahhh. The Internet.

I love the internet.

Do you remember in elementary school when we had to write papers using only books and encyclopedias? Kids these days don’t have to do that. Remember when you had to wait till the following morning to find out news and sports scores. Not anymore. The internet has enriched our lives and I will be forever grateful. (Ed. Note: I hate that word. It always looks spelled wrong.) Personally I prefer the internet to pretty much everything information related. I spend way more time on the internet every week than I do watching TV or reading the paper. As such, I pride myself as a person who can do/find pretty much anything online. The only thing I don’t specialize in is message boards, but Dmo has got me covered in that aspect.

(Side Note: One such message board is 4chan. They have pretty much shaped a lot of internet humor. But have also created most of the internet mischief. Keaton used to say that he didn’t believe in the internet, but he was afraid of it. Well I believe in the internet and the only thing that scares me is 4chan)

Back to the point of this post. I have recently started following Urlesque in google reader (PS if read blogs on occasion, are aren’t using google reader, you are missing out. Go there now. I’ll wait. You can even subscribe to this blog.) Urlesque just revealed their list of 100 most iconic internet videos. I went through the whole list and there were 20 that I had not seen before:
97, 96, 94, 93, 92, 91, 90, 87, 81, 67, 66, 65, 61, 56, 55, 52, 39, 37, 31, 2
I quickly changed that.

– My favorite has been documented here before: Panda Sneeze came in at number 10
– I was surprised David at the Dentist cracked the top 10 being that it came out in 2009
Other Favorites:
Lazy Sunday: Classic
Free Hugs: Great inspirational video, even greater song
Dramatic Chipmunk: I could watch this all day
Bill O’Reilly: We’ll do it live!!

Finally, this entire post was a buildup for this video I had never seen before. Amazing story that seems too good to be true. It also does hurt that it has Whitney playing in the background. I used to sing that song very loud while listening to my walkman, but I digress….Enjoy the internet!