iTunes Research

I am stealing this idea from here, which in turn stole it from someplace else

Number of Songs: 3,048
Number of Albums: 928
Duration of Library: 7.8 Days
Most Recently Played Song: “Science in Violence” The Rifles
Most Played Song: “Last Train Home” Ryan Star
Most Recently Added Album: Maybe We’ll Make It After All Stages & Stereos

First Song Alphabetically: “A-Hole” Bowling For Soup
Last Song Alphabetically: “Zombie” The Cranberries
Smallest Song Numerically: “#1″ Nelly
Largest Song Numerically: “8675309 Jenny” Tommy Tutone

Shortest Song: Judge Snyder Clip from The Simpsons
Longest Song: “Rapper’s Delight” The Sugarhill Gang

First Album Alphabetically: Adam Gregory (Self Titled)
Last Album Alphabetically: Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! HelloGoodbye
First Band Alphabetically: A-Ha
Last Band Alphabetically: Zebra Head

First Ten Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle:
“Stop to Think” Millencolin
“Of Wolf and Man” Metalica
“Dear Tragedy” Bayside
“Summer Wind” Frank Sinatra
“Heels Over Head” Boys Like Girls
“I’d Lie” Taylor Swift
“3000 Miles” Valencia
“M. Shepard” Thursday
“Sleepless Nights” Faber Drive
“Here I Go Again” Whitesnake

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