Greatest. Band. Ever?

The Beatles have always been legends. However, these days, they are even more visible. EMI, their long time record label, just spent the last 4 years remastering their music to sound even crisper than ever. This week also marked the release of “The Beatles: Rock Band.” Rock Band itself is rousing success, but combined with perhaps the most famous band of the century, it is a product that is attractive to a wide swath of the population.

There are two things that I find remarkable about The Beatles.
1) All four members of the band sang lead vocals at one point or another. Something you never see today, and probably will never see again.
2) Every month I find myself saying “Wait, that was originally a Beatles song?!”

Currently I have 32 Beatles songs on my iPod. But that number is growing monthly. Here are the top eleven.

11) With a Little Help from my Friends – Released: September 1967 – Album: St. Pepper
Lead Vocals: Ringo – Written by: Lennon/McCartney
Ringo generally sang one song on each album that Lennon and McCartney would write for him. They made sure to use a limited range so that he could hit all the notes. When you listen to the lyrics, they are a little condescending.

10) Ticket to Ride – Released: April 1965 – Album: Help!
Lead Vocals: Lennon – Written by: Lennon
Noel Gallagher’s Favorite Song

9) Hey Jude – Released: August 1968 – Album: Released as a Single
Lead Vocals: McCartney – Written by: McCartney
McCartney wrote the song for John Lennon’s son after Yoko broke up their family. Lennon thought the song was for him

8) Here Comes the Sun – Released: September 1969 – Album: Abbey Road
Lead Vocals: Harrison – Written by: Harrison
Harrison’s version of an emo song written after a shitty year where he even temporarily quit the band

7) Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds – Released: June 1967 – Album: Sgt. Pepper
Lead Vocals: Lennon – Written by: Lennon/McCartney
Lennon was not pleased with the recording of this song, but claimed that he was on LSD at the time so he was rather submissive in the studio. Later denied the song was actually about LSD crafting an elaborate story about a drawing his son made. In 2004, McCartney finally admitted the song was about LSD

6) Help! – Released July 1965 – Album: Help!
Lead Vocals: Lennon – Written by: Lennon
Lennon wrote this song to express the stress that developed due to The Beatles meteoric rise to fame

5) Hello Goodbye – Released: November 1967 Album: Magical Mystery Tour
Lead Vocals: McCartney – Written by: McCartney
In addition to singing, McCartney also played Bass, Piano, Bongos, and Congas on the track

4) I am the Walrus – Released: November 1967 Album: Magical Mystery Tour
Lead Vocals: Lennon – Written by: Lennon
Lennon claimed he wrote the first two lines on separate acid trips.

3) Helter Skelter – Released: November 1968 – Album: The White Album
Lead Vocals: McCartney – Written by: McCartney
I’ve got blisters on my fingers – Ringo Starr

2) Let it Be – Released: March 1970 – Album: Let It Be
Lead Vocals: McCartney – Written by: McCartney
Written after a dream McCartney had about his deceased mother

1) Yesterday – Released September 1965 – Album: Help!
Lead Vocals: McCartney – Written by: McCartney
The Most Covered Song in the World

Title Track (9.7.09)

I told myself that I needed to start doing more Title Tracks. Then the mustache contest started and I didn’t want to disrupt the flow, so I now present this Title Track which is no longer timely, but it is two months in the making.

I quote movies so much, that people assume that somethings I say, despite being Nick Casanova originals, are from movies. Here are some of the recent ones: – In the city Up is only being shown in 3D. That is horse-hockey. I don’t need to see Up in 3D, I am perfectly fine with only seeing two dimension. $12 is a lot for a movie. Now if this was a movie endorsed by Billy Mays and they threw in a fourth dimension for free, I would definitely pony up $17. Nothing like seeing an old man bend time and space. (Ed. Note: I said that a couple days before his untimely passing) – You’re telling me this table is reserved? Why is that? Is it waiting until it is married to have sex?

I have recently become a Kings of Leon fan. However, my one issue with them is that there is a song called “Use Somebody” on the same album as “Be Somebody.” The songs are not any way similar or related. It just seems like a song title cop out to me.

Go-Gurt is specially made to thaw by lunch time. Uhh what?
Joyce: Excuse me. Did you go to Maryland?
Girl: Uh, no
Joyce: Oh, because you kind of look like their mascot
Girl: Isn’t their mascot a Terrapin? Are you saying I look like a turtle?
Joyce: Yea, you look like him
Joyce: Is it your birthday? Girl: (Confused) Uh. No. Joyce: Do you still want to Riiiiiiide

Hurling and Gaelic Football are awesome

Here is an arbitrary list of my Favorite NYC Parks which you did not ask for.
Madison (Two reasons. Views of the Flat Iron. My favorite NYC Building. And Shake Shack)


Washington (So long as there are no zombies there)


(Only Gramercy residents are worthy enough for our park)

I Googled Dancing with the Stars. (Don’t ask) I was shocked when Wikipedia was not in the top half of the results

New CoG Facts: Mar is Joyce’s twin. Ostrowe looks like Joey Fatone Jim$ last name is Hendrickson Rick looks like Ralph Macchio Jmac looks like Zac Effron Dmo looks like Lurch from the Addams Family Lois was the MVP of Freedom Fest

(Jim$ walks in)
All CoG Members: Mr. Diercksen!
Lois: What’s your first name?
Jim$: Mr.
Lois: No really.
Jim$: M.R. My mom wanted to name me Mark Robert and my dad wanted to name me Michael Ricardo, so they just used initials.

Saw a bag on the subway. The label made me want to vomit Jacobs By Marc Jacobs For Marc by Marc Jacobs In collaboration with Marc Jacobs for Marc by Marc Jacobs

In the song “Africa” by Toto, there is a line:

The wild dogs cry out in the night
As they grow restless longing for some solitary company
I know that I must do whats right
Sure as Kilimanjaro rises like Olympus above the Serengeti
I seek to cure whats deep inside, frightened of this thing that Ive become

The Serengeti part is kind of awkwardly stuffed in there. Its like they said “Hey we are writing a song about Africa, but haven’t mentioned the Seregheti yet”

There is a great website I read everyday called 1000 Awesome Things. And wouldn’t you guess it, their whole shtick is writing about a different “awesome” thing everyday. Allow me to add one of my own: When you are listening to a playlist on random, and a great song comes on. (ie White Houses)

Two Biggest Turn-offs
1) Smoking
2) Girls who use the phrase “Hey you”

Rick dons the three wolf moon shirt
Me: I can’t wait to ride the train in this shirt

: You can’t wait to run train in that shirt?

Dear Mar, How’s Abby

How’s pizza?

I’m a gentleman, let’s make it happen

D – I was trying to book a flight to go to South Africa for the World Cup, but everything is booked or expensive
Me – You don’t want to go there anyway. There are aliens everywhere

D – Pity laugh

K – What?!

D – Yea I don’t know what you’re talking about either

Me – Yea…Guess I shouldn’t reference movies that are only three weeks old

Rashad Evans one punch KO of Chuck Liddell earned him a ton of money
LeGarrette Blout’s one punch KO of Byron Hout cost him a ton of money
Maybe he can get a UFC contract. But of course, this was just a segway so I could point out the greatest Game Day sign of the young year.

Overheard in central park -We could go there to eat (Points at tavern on the green) Eww, no, I don’t want to eat at a tavern, that’s gross

And lastly, I leave you with this:

Who Wants A Mustache Ride? Finals!

The Monopoly Guy officially has the Cheesiest. Mustache. Ever. While Tom Selleck has the Most. Awesome. Mustache. Ever. There is only one thing left to do. Find out who has the:
This title bout is scheduled for one fall and is for the COG/CTS/GCOE Mustache Championship of the World.Fighting out of the Bushy Corner
Monopoly Guy
Occupation: Businessman/Entreprenuer/Jim$
Mustache Type: 1940’s Walrus
Details: Rich Uncle Pennybags aka Milburn Pennybags aka Stanley Monopoly has the most expensive mustache in the tournament. Although he was created in the 1940’s, TMG was created in Jim$ image. Sounds impossible, but I assure you it involves a time machine, the space time continuom, a DeLorean, and alternate realities. Further proof: The Monopoly Guy’s wife is named Abby

Fighting out of the Debonair Corner
Tom Selleck
Occupation: Actor
Mustache Type: Handsome
Details: Just try and picture Selleck without that mustache. Sure, he’s a decent enough looking guy, but would he have been the 80s heartthrob he was without it? Selleck sans mustache is like Joe Namath on the Rams. Sure it happened, but its best to pretend it didn’t.

Rick: It all comes down to this. Tom being here is no surprise. The Monopoly Guy on the other hand…
Ostrowe: The Monopoly Guy has had a remarkable run for a 12 seed
R: Hopefully a few years down the road we don’t find out he bought his victories
O: Perhaps he was underrated going into the competition; he does have years of mustache experience. Selleck, on the other hand, has gotten here gracefully and effortlessly. He’s let his mustache do the talking
R: Either of these gentlemen would be great as the mustache of faces across the nation
O: Without question. Rumor has it the character of Higgins on Magnum PI (Magnum’s “boss”) was originally modeled on The Monopoly Guy. Will he finally give Magnum his comeuppance, or will it be another win for Selleck?
R: Isn’t The Monopoly Guy based on Jim$
O: Sounds familiar…
R: The Monopoly Guy has years on Selleck, but I think Selleck has put his mustache to better use
O: Monopoly Guy’s mustache was able to fund the Community Chest
R: He takes a chance when ever he lands on a chance
O: He took a chance with that mustache, and its gotten him this far. You could say the same about Selleck
R: He may be named Mr. Mustache. But it is up to the people. Who will they pick?
O: Cheesy or Awesome. Cheesily Awesome. Awesomely Cheesy