Retro Post: Paper Airplanes

My first year at Springfield College (2004-2005) I lived on the the top floor of the tallest building on campus with every single one of my friends. That was the best full year of my college career. (Fall 2006 was amazing). At some point in the year, we realized that we could open one of the windows in the kitchen to afford us an unblocked view of the Mighty Massasoit. I soon realized, “Hey, we can make paper airplanes and throw them out the window and it will be alot of fun.” And that it was. What follows are the Paper Airplane Chronicles. NOTE: After throwing paper airplane, we would go outside to pick up our trash. We were gentlemen after all.

In the beginning, no one thought that the belt would ever be attainable. El Dragon poco Diablo
guarded the belt and was unslayable. Then on that dreamy night in September the unthinkable happened, Brain Matthews hit the Massasoit. When the dragon saw that the feat had been accomplished, he relinquished the belt, however the belt still lay hidden in the Eastfield Cave. Sir Matthews laid down the Gauntlet and set the standards for all the engineers that would follow him. After that fateful day in late September many students lined up at that window and let their creations fly. Hundreds of planes flew out that window for the next two months until the 15th of November 2004.

Translation: We never thought anyone could reach the lake with a plane. Brian was the first person to reach it. Once he did that, we decided to buy a plastic WWF belt at the Eastfield Mall to give to the best paper airplane maker.

On that morning Sir Marty of Piccinich felt particularly inspired before his Dynamics of Leadership class. He set out for the lounge with his standard computer paper, his trusty duct tape, and a pair of scissors. There he built the magnificent paper airplane man had ever seen. It flew so true during the test runs inside he knew it was destined for greatness. As he approached the window he looked back behind him to make sure that there were people around to witness his flight in case it was a good one. He assumed the position in front of the window and threw the plane and watched as it just took off. The flight was simply perfect. He screamed like a little girl to make sure that Jon and Rose would come running.

Translation: On November 15, 2004 Rick made a paper airplane that he was really proud of. He threw it out the window, and when it started looking good, he screamed like a little girlto make sure that Jon and Rose would come running

As they got to the window all Jon and Rose could see was the plane flying higher and straighter than any other plane that had left that window. As it cleared the highest tree that guarded the Massasoit, it showed no sign of straying from its majestic course. As the plane, which was more papyrus than paper, touched down in the water, Sir Marty lept for joy over and over. Not only did he match Sir Brian’s feat, he dwarfed the accomplishment. He ran down the stairs and reached the dock only to see his plane start to sink to the bottom of the lake. That day Sir Marty perfected his plane and he would go on to hit the Massasoit two more times in the next twenty-four hours. A feat that still has not been matched to this day. The Champ is here

Translation: In those days, like now, Rick had too much time on his hands

In order to call yourself the champ you must defend your belt once every fourteen days or else you must vacate the title. There are exceptions for winter and summer break. A title defense consists of at least two people who each throw three planes out the window. Participants only get five minutes to build and test each of their planes. Illegal substances such as steroids or steroid like substances have been dubbed illegal by the International Commission of Paper Airplanes (ICPAP). The champ must have an honorable reason to decline a challenge or else the belt is forfeit. For complete Rules and Regulations and Plane Specifications send One Dollar to Happy Dude, 742 Evergreen Terrace Springfield U.S.A

– Peter Baldwin
Springfield College ’07

Furthest (Distance) Flight: The Rick [Third Railroad Support]
Career Splash Downs:
The Rick (19)
Peter Baldwin (3)
Brian Matthews (2)
Amanda Hill (1)
Todd Luther (1)
Baldtthews (1)
Most Splash Downs During a Title Fight:
The Rick (3)
Peter Baldwin (1)


A Replica of the Spirit of Piccinich

The Guardian of the Massasoit. This tree ruined the flights of many a plane
The Window from which planes were thrown
View from the edge of the lake. The dot indicates where the Spirit of Piccinich landed. Greatest. Throw. Ever.

Amanda can’t do homework with out the belt
It’s not easy being champ
Rose never liked putting up with my shit
Pedro does Kung Fu to impress the belt
Amanda wanted to take the belt to Virginia, but the belt just wanted to taunt her
This kiss, this kiss
If the belt had to say that it had one mortal enemy, he would have to say Sara. Sara refuses to have any part of the belt. If it is around she suddenly has the urge to punch whoever is in possession of the belt as long as it is Rick

Those were the days

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