Title Track (11.9.09)

Nothing beats a gentlemanly gathering

The NCAA has the right to pull out of their March Madness deal with CBS in 2010. If they do so, ESPN will be the odds on favorite to win the resulting bidding war. That would be awful. Dick Vitale calling the Championship game is my nightmare.

Greatest. Tourism. Ad. Ever.

A sampling of Joyce Quotes:
You’re just meat on the street
I just needed 4 more inches that’s what she said
This place is classy, you can’t stand on chairs

My Halloween Costume: Fake mustache. Aviators. Blazer. DARE T-Shirt
Random Person: What are you supposed to be?
Me: I’m a friend of your mom. She told me you’d be down here. I can show you where she is if you come with me. Want some candy? I have some Snickers. What? You don’t like those? I have some different kinds in my car. It is parked down by the river.

Overheard in CP: “Only a little more to go honey. When we get home I am going to make you the best grilled cheese sandwich EVER”

College Humor FTW. So well done.

Halloween 2009. Wow. That just happened.
Highlights: Joyce & Jmac in Canadian Tuxedos. Danica Patrick. Ghostbusters doing the Rococoa Bang. Goddamn Banana. Joyce walks home 5 miles at 3am. He stops at McDonalds and orders a burger despite the fact he had no money.

This scenario has only gone through my head about 3000 times. It is amazing when someone actually puts it on paper

Even more Random Acts of Gentlemen:
Joyce almost gets kicked out of The Dove Parlor for doing Dance pushups. Rick and Ostrowe are not gonna protest. Random guy thinks Gutter is a tool. The Gentlemen say “How bout a revolution” and leave the bar. No one follows. Joyce unveils the Salamander: Throws himself on the ground in front of unsuspecting pedestrians, just lays there. First group steps over him. Second group throws a banana at him. Third group runs away screaming. Ostrowe locks Joyce in sketchy white van. Joyce snaps. Destroys all bikes and newspaper stands in his path.

Only click here if you want nightmares.

I guess you always need to have a backup plan. Thank god the Apollo 11 backup plan did not need to be unveiled.

The saddest picture in the history of the world to any one who played way too much Mario as a kid

Gene Shalit may have not won the Greatest. Mustache. Ever. Contest. But he just won my heart. No Homo

I’d like to think I was a nerd, but I might just be a dork

Haikus are Easy
But Sometimes They Don’t Make Sense
(Via This)

Ten Random Songs To End It:
Great Expectations – The Gaslight Anthem
Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
Fiction – Matchbook Romance
Having a Blast -Green Day
Hair of the Dog – Senses Fail
Dick in a Box – Lonely Island
Off That – Jay-Z feat. Jimmy Brooks
Southern Rock – Alkaline Trio
House Fire – The Junior Varsity
Sweet Emotion – Aerosmith

You’re Welcome

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