Gentleman of the Year: Round of 32

Anyone can be heroic from time to time, but a gentleman is something you have to be all the time.That sound you hear is not an angelic choir, or even the soothing vocal chords of Vanessa Carlton. It is the sound anticipation. We are here today to start down a path of gentlemanliness. One year ago the Gentleman of the Year award was created, and here we are a year later and our number of nominees has doubled. This is by far the most gentlemanly Gentleman of the Year ever.

The tournament this year has been broken up into 4 regions. First up is the Abby Region (Named after the matron saint of the CoG); home to the number one overall seed and reigning Gentleman of the Year

Abby Region: 1 Rick v 8 Mel Kipher Jr. (sic)
Rick: Nominated by Jim$
Is a gentleman
Provides NBC apparel

Mel Kipher Jr: Nominate by Joyce
No specific reason

Abby Region: 4 Moro v 5 Hutter
Moro: Nominated by Daryl
Buys me drinks if I’m in Nyack
Only person with the power to name someone a “captain”
Invents “Moro-isms”
Fun to go on vacation with
Loves Terry
Is wealthy as well
Chanted Terry vs Toilet in the pool!

Hutter: Nominated by Dmo
He has a pool that he finally invited me to for the first time this summer
He provides food, drinks, and lots of beer when you do go over.
He’s retarded
He gets free rooms in AC
He hangs out with Paul loduca
He wants to be Francis when he grows up

Abby Region: 3 Jim Nantz v 6 Vin Ascatigno
Jim Nantz: Nominated by Dmo
He’s handsome
We’re all his freinds
Jim$ got me an autographed book of his that I cherish.

Vince Ascatigno: Nominated by Ostrowe
Left his house so his soon to be ex wife would have somewhere to stay
Facilitated the creation of the Piccinich Effect and indirectly responsible for the creation of the CoG
Bangs numerous hot chicks
Makes a mean queso dip
Hearts panis

Abby Region: 2 Jmac v 7 Walter NolanJmac: Nominated by Rick
He held his door open for me
Was concerned when he saw Ostrowe limping down the stairs
How’s Pizza
Makes hilarious songs on the fly in the style of Springsteen and Bob Dylan
Bearable in large doses
So handsome he can talk to chicks with boyfriends

Walter Nolan: Nominated by Dmo
Has a hot girlfriend
Bangs hot chicks
Hires hot chicks
Captains a 2 time defending championship dart team
Gives us free beers at Bruxelles
Invites us to ac
Bangs hot chicks
Works with mar

Suze Region (Named after Dmo’s New Years 2009): 1 Dmo v 8 Derrick ThomasDmo: Nominated by Rick
Link to Emma
Expert Scoreboard operator
The main link of the CoG
Works from home…barely

Derrick Thomas: Nominated by Jmac
He is dead

Suze Region: 4 Anfron v 5 YE YangAnfron: Nominated by Rick
Saved his bosses life in china
Was the first ever employee of the month at his company
Bangs Asians right in their ass
Bought me a Shirley Temple out of nowhere

YE Yang: Nominated by Rick
First person to defeat Tiger Woods in a major after he had a 54 hold lead. (May have contributed to Eldrick’s current downfall)
Gorilla pressed his bag upon winning

Suze Region: 3 Poppers v 6 The MoonPoppers: Nominated by Dmo
True gentleman
Has retarded dog
Drove from Maryland for booze cruise
Organized Clemson golf outing and tailgate
Supports Republicans
Went to West point and met Wedgie
Provides comfortable couch for me to sleep on

The Moon: Nominated by Rick
Lights up the night
Friends with anfron
Does not make it very hot
Has an american flag on its surface
Not made of cheese, but if it was made of BBQ spare ribs, I would eat it
Subject of Goodnight Moon, one of my favorite books as a kid

Suze Region: 2 Terry! v 7 George WTerry: Nominated by Mar
Hes the captain of Rockland
A gentleman
He hopped the fence at the 4th hole of Rockland Lake and came back with a 6-pack that he shared with Dougla$ and I.
There are a ton more reasons but I’m winded from using my phone to type

George W. Bush: Nominated by Poppers
Walked to the bump at Yankee Stadium and fired a legit fastball right down broadway
Obama could not

Olivia Region: 1 Ostrowe v 8 Adam RichmanOstrowe: Nominated by Rick
He is driving Jmac to Stamford
Delivers Joyce’s mail
Knows all of New City
Bang Abby
Has driven home in worse condition
Hits LG in the head with a paper airplane
A gentleman

Adam Richman: Nominated by Mar
Eats huge meals

Inspires kids to not waste food

Won a guitar

Olivia Region: 4 Jurgen v Guy FieriJurgen: Nominated by Eddie O
Master Chef of Nubbinsville
Scotch connoisseur
Picks fights with middle-aged men
A total wildcard when drunk

Guy Fieri: Nominated by Mar
Makes good sandwiches
Incorporates his family into his show
Great TGIFriday menu

Olivia Region: 3 Sully v 6 Meb KeflezighiSully: Nominated by Rick
Safely landed a broken airplane in the Hudson River

Meb: Nominated by Rick
First American Winner of the NYC Marathon since 1982
Actually calls the event the ING NYC Marathon. Sponsors love that
Eats Bagels

Olivia Region: 2 Mar v 7 Jim BoeheimMar: Nominated by Rick
Gives away sweatshirts
Bought Call of Duty 2, fell off the face of the earth, might be dead
Almost moved in with Joyce
Came out of retirement like Brett Favre
If your stuck in the city with no place to go and need to take a nap, purchase ticket to a movie

Jim Boeheim: Nominate by Rick
800 wins
Hot wife 22 years his junior
Helps in the fight against cancer
Has survived cancer himself
Had a cameo in Blue Chips

Jeanette Region: 1 Jim$ v 8 FlaxJim$: Nominated by Daryl
Tells me when the Hoboken train station is on fire so I don’t walk in there and get burned to death.
Still provides a couch in Hoboken so I don’t have to sleep on the street due to NJT’s lack of functionality because their train station had been destroyed by fire earlier in the evening.
Organizes various after work outings that take place at the Greenrock or somewhere in the city
Engaged to the 2008 GWotY

Flax: Nominated by Moro
Has a jersey with his name on it
Flys first class (Flax class)
Has limos pick him up at the airport
Bangs tons of white chicks
The captain of Las Vegas

Jeanette Region: 4 Daryl v 5 ClintonDaryl: Nominated by Rick
Jul. 29: When Dmo pointed out that it was pitch black outside, Daryl responded with :”I worry about the safety of the sun at the moment.” Despite the sun not being a gentleman, Daryl still was concerned
Still working on Trivial Pursuit game for the CoG
Randomly enlightens us with the inner thinkings of his brain
Single-handidly keeping Orange County Paint stores in business

Bill Clinton: Nominated by Sars
He sweet talked Kim Jong Il into letting those two Korean reporters go

Jeanette Region: 3 Joyce v 6 Christopher JohnsonJoyce: Nominated by Mar
Is korean

Great host
Does dance push-ups
Is friends with married chicks

Christopher Johnson: Nominated by Ostrowe
Concerned for the well being of the little guy
Wants to make sure his people aren’t turned into experiments
Spent twenty years collecting enough motor oil to fly back to his home planet
Has a snazzy red vest
Will be back in three years
Dominates fantasy football
Made a three-pointer with 8 seconds left to lead DII LeMoyne over Syracuse
Attempted 999ft three point shot in DI basketball game

Jeanette Region: 2 Eddie O 7 John McCainEd O’Neill: Nominated by Dmo
Has fancy housewarming parties
Has shiny pants
Is a big supporter of maryland football
Wants to know what it’s like to live in evelyn’s anus
Has shiny pants
Makes peg make buffalo chicken dip for the gentlemen
Has shiny pants

John McCain: Nominated by Jim$
Is a great American hero
Puts country first
Works well with both Dems and Reps

May the god bless you for ever and may the most gentlemanly win

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