Gentleman of the Year: Regional Finals

Round 2 is over and we finally saw a couple of upsets as both Mar and Eddie O were upset by 3 seeds. The countdown doesn’t stop till we get to the top. Now there are only 8 Gentlemen left vying for the right to be called Gentleman of the Year. These could be by far the toughest match-ups yet.
Abby Regional Final: 1 Rick v 2 JmacRick: Nominated by Jim$
Is a gentleman
Provides NBC apparel

Jmac: Nominated by Rick
He held his door open for me
Was concerned when he saw Ostrowe limping down the stairs
How’s Pizza
Makes hilarious songs on the fly in the style of Springsteen and Bob Dylan
Bearable in large doses
So handsome he can talk to chicks with boyfriends

Suze Regional Final: 1 Dmo v 2 Terry!Dmo: Nominated by Rick
Link to Emma
Expert Scoreboard operator
The main link of the CoG
Works from home…barely

Terry: Nominated by Mar
Hes the captain of Rockland
A gentleman
He hopped the fence at the 4th hole of Rockland Lake and came back with a 6-pack that he shared with Dougla$ and I.
There are a ton more reasons but I’m winded from using my phone to type

Jeanette Regional Final: 1 Jim$ v 3 JoyceJim$: Nominated by Daryl
Tells me when the Hoboken train station is on fire so I don’t walk in there and get burned to death.
Still provides a couch in Hoboken so I don’t have to sleep on the street due to NJT’s lack of functionality because their train station had been destroyed by fire earlier in the evening.
Organizes various after work outings that take place at the Greenrock or somewhere in the city
Engaged to the 2008 GWotY

Joyce: Nominated by Mar
Is korean

Great host
Does dance push-ups
Is friends with married chicks

Olivia Regional Final: 1 Ostrowe v 3 SullyOstrowe: Nominated by Rick
He is driving Jmac to Stamford
Delivers Joyce’s mail
Knows all of New City
Bang Abby
Has driven home in worse condition
Hits LG in the head with a paper airplane
A gentleman

Sully: Nominated by Rick
Safely landed a broken airplane in the Hudson River

May the god bless you for ever and may the most gentlemanly win

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