Gentleman of the Year 2009: The People’s Final Four

Well, it took three rounds, but the People’s vote finally skewed away from chalk and the Gentlemanly vote. (For those who don’t know, while the People’s Vote is going on, there is also a Gentlemanly vote being held. The only voters allowed are Chain of Gentlemen members). If we only learned one thing from the previous round, it is that Jmac is very handsome and has a huge contingent of voters. He is a force to be reckoned with after taking out the reigning GotY. As Dmo said: “He should run for political office.” It is also worth noting that 75% of the final four gentlemen were in Spain at the same time earlier in the year. Coincidence?
So now there are only 4 gentlemen left. Only one will be crowned GotY 2009.

National Semifinal #1: 1 Dmo v 2 JmacDmo: Nominated by Rick
Link to Emma
Expert Scoreboard operator
The main link of the CoG
Works from home…barely

Jmac: Nominated by Rick
He held his door open for me
Was concerned when he saw Ostrowe limping down the stairs
How’s Pizza
Makes hilarious songs on the fly in the style of Springsteen and Bob Dylan
Bearable in large doses
So handsome he can talk to chicks with boyfriends

National Semifinal #2: 3 Joyce v 3 SullyJoyce: Nominated by Mar
Is korean

Great host
Does dance push-ups

Is friends with married chicks

Sully: Nominated by Rick
Safely landed a broken airplane in the Hudson River

May the god bless you for ever and may the most gentlemanly win

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