A Romantic Mountain Getaway

When I found out that I would be going to Mt. Snow for the final stop of the Dew Tour, my first concern was finding a way to get there. When I went last year, I was still living in Rockland. And I had a car. This year, I am a city dweller without a car. My solution was to ask Dmo to drive up and back with me, and in exchange I would provide him with a free room and a free lift ticket. Everyone wins.

Of course, we forgot to factor in the Piccinich Effect.

Last year I stayed at the Grand Summit Lodge at Mt. Snow. It was right on the mountain and had two beds in the room. At the following three summer stops I went to, as well as the first two Winter stops this season, my hotel rooms also had two beds. Wednesday, I called up the Grand Summit to confirm that I had a room there for the weekend. Of course they couldn’t find it, but they confirmed that I had a room at the Austin Hill Inn. First thought: “Ok, whatever. Can’t be that bad.” False.

Last week Dmo accompanied to Macy’s to kill time before the ACC Alumni Happy Hour at Bro J’s. (Side Note: Dmo – How’s FSU?) Dmo was nice enough to carry some of my clothes since I ran out of hands, and he then proceeded to point this out to the cashier. My reply: “I’m taking him on a ski trip next weekend, so it’s ok.”
/Super Delayed No Homo

I informed Dmo and we both went to the site and found out the AHI was a romantic bed and breakfast. Small rooms. One bed. Not even room for an air mattress. Needless to say, everyone we know is getting a kick out of this. Ourselves included.

Amenities in our room:
Heart Shaped Hot Tub
Vibrating Bed
Sensual Oils
Breakfast in bed
Secrecy guaranteed
Dumb and Dumber odd colored tuxedos

This should be fun.

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