Vancouver Musings

Instead of a full post here is a couple of random thoughts

Took me one week to break both my room keys. Sounds about accurate.

Also took a week to use 40 hours of Pandora. Debating weather or not I should invest in more hours. (Update: Just caved on Wednesday and paid .99 for the rest of the month)

People in Canada always wait for the light to turn before crossing the street. Even if there are no cars coming. I keep getting sneered at for premature crossing. They don’t jaywalk either.

People are really nice up here. New Yorkers are assholes. Present blogger included

The system I work in cant accept commas or apostrophes for some strange reason. As such Im tentative to use them in the rest of my life.

It is 11:20 on the west coast. Things are wrapping up on a hectic day 5. Curling and Men’s hockey just started today so things were crazy. Sleep is hard to come by. Work 16 hours days, sleep 7.5 hours at best. Shower. Go to work. That’s my life

Here is a video of me walking to work.

IBC Walkthru from Gentlemanly Productions on Vimeo.

And lastly a video the press department asked me to do talking about what I do

Working in the IBC from Gentlemanly Productions on Vimeo.


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