Closing Ceremony: Vancouver

After working AT the Olympics I have a new found love for the genre. I will probably never have a better work experience if only because I’ll never forget the first time. Here is a top ten for the waning days of the games in no specific order.

1) Lauren asked Daniel to repeat something by saying “Say it again”, and in my infinite randomness I Love You Always Forever by Donna Lewis popped in my head so I started singing it out loud. After two lines two other people were singing it, and by the time we got to “Say you’ll love me, love me forever, never stop, never whatever” we had about 10 people singing along. When we finally stopped. Everyone was very confused.

2) I eat a PB&J nearly everyday. When I got to the IBC commissary, they didn’t have any grape jelly so I went to the supermarket and bought my own. I kept it in the fridge in the executive offices. One day the catering crew was in the fridge, saw the jelly, and assumed that it belonged to Ebersol. That afternoon there was grape jelly in the commissary

3) Did I mention the food in the commissary was free?! It is going to be hard to go back to making my own food….and paying for it.

4) Stanley Park. Amazingly beautiful. Maybe even more so that Central Park. I felt dirty for enjoying it so much.

5) The Cauldron. I am going to miss not seeing the Olympic everyday before work

6) Half the interns I was working with were Syracuse students. Therefore I was stoked. Before the Syracuse-Villanova game I bought Pizza for everyone so we could enjoy the game in style. Walking from the pizzeria here is a sample of the “jokes” I got:
“Can I have a slice” – Canadian
“You gonna eat all of those” – Russian
“That’s why I stopped you, smells good” – Crossing Guard
“Ahh Pizza” – Italian
“One for me” – Chinese
“If that is 30 minute free delivery, I’m going to have to stop you” – Cop
“We ARE hungry. Thanks” – Arab
“You shouldn’t have” – French
Good to see bad food jokes are universal

7) After the Syracuse win, I high-fived Bob Costas in celebration

8) Toasted White Chocolate Macadamia cookies

9) After not talking to Scotty Lago, I had a dream I saw Shaun White on the street. Not wanting to blow it, I walked up to him and said: “On a scale of 1-10, how awesome is the movie Face-Off?” He responded: “I’ve never seen it.” I quickly to to scramble to ask another question, but then my alarm went off.

10) The first week I was in Vancouver I listened to Pandora all day, everyday. I quickly used up my 40 free hours. I splurged and spent 99 cents to get unlimited use for the rest of the month. Here is the Olympics play list I downloaded as soon as I got home.
How Do You Like Me Now – The Heavy: Featured in the Kia Super Bowl commercial. Was stuck in my head since then
United States of Pop 2009 – DJ Earworm: A entertaining mash up of the most popular songs of 2009. There is also a good Sporcle where you can try to name the songs. I got 20 by only listening to the song, no video.
The World at Large – Modest Mouse: One of those songs that came on Pandora and I thought “this is a great song,” checked to see who it was, then thought “who knew, Modest Mouse is actually pretty good”
Landslide – Smashing Pumpkins: Holy crap, Billy Corgan covered Fleetwood Mac? /Downloads
New American Classic – Taking Back Sunday: I own this album, how is it not on my iPod? /Fixed
Lit Up – Buckcherry
I Believe in a Thing Called Love – The Darkness
Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group
At the Olympics all the video clips had a four letter prefixes relating to the sport and who created the clip. Some of the Curling clips had the prefix of CULT. Of course every time these clips came in, I would start singing Cult of Personality. A google search also led me to the VH1 100 greatest hard rock songs of all time. I tried to listen to all the songs, but I soon realized that Creed and Evanescence made the list so it immediately lost all credibility. Regardless, I downloaded these three songs
Beautiful Girl; Suicide Blonde; I Need You Tonight – INXS: INXS played at the medal ceremony one night and I got excited then proclaimed that the interns we were working with had probably never heard an INXS song. I soon realized that I didn’t have any of their songs on my iPod so I fixed that before I had to eat my hat.
Hysteria – Muse
Time is Running Out – Muse: The CoG has excellent taste in music…except for Rick that is. Muse has been a favorite of everyone for a while and I was always reluctant to catch on. These two songs got me hooked. Learns me right. (See Also: Rise Against)
The Funeral – Band of Horses: This song is right up my alley since it is a band you never heard of. It has already received the Gentlemanly Productions treatment as well.
Tonight I Love You – The Latency: A good emo love ballad right up Rick’s alley
It Was A Good Day – Ice Cube: The Lakers beat the team formerly known as the Supersonics
Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd: Just trying to fill out this post. I’m currently sitting on Joyce’s couch after a wonderful game of DARYL. I’m winded.
Sober – Pink: I don’t why Pink’s success baffles me. She always seems to have a hit song, but seems mediocre. She’s like a female Nickelback that people are more tolerant of.
Truly, Madly, Deeply – Savage Garden: Downloaded this song because of this version that was on college humor. The tough guys version is amazing
I Love You Always Forever – Donna Lewis: Don’t know how I did it, but somehow I started a group rendition of this song . The whole room started singing. It was amazing
Here I Go – Relient K: A sneakily good band
Villain – Hedley: Something Something post finished

Soccer Pregaming

The genesis of the Gentlemanly Productions Video

1) Joyce tells Rick he will be in the city at 8 to watch Braveheart
2) For some reason, Rick decides to waste 10 minutes of his life watching the new Lady Gaga video. (Not linking to it. Spare yourself)
3) Kim tells Rick she loves that song. Rick proceeds to look up the lyrics and read them to her. Point proven. Gaga is retarded
4) Rick, taking a cue from Fallon and Jude Law, realized spoken word of the song would probably be hilarious
5) Rick tells Joyce the idea, and says if he wants to come to the city early they can make it happen
6) Joyce gets to the city, 5 minutes later, they realize that we need Ostrowe’s skills to really make this idea work
7) Go watch Braveheart with Chu and Kiwi. Constantly try to think of an idea that might work
8) Rick leaves Chu and Joyce to their own means
9) Rick thinks of a video involving Joyce lip syncing before his game
10) Joyce sleeps in the hallway outside Rick’s door
11) Ideas evolves into this

Soccer Pregame Routine from Gentlemanly Productions on Vimeo.