Soccer Pregaming

The genesis of the Gentlemanly Productions Video

1) Joyce tells Rick he will be in the city at 8 to watch Braveheart
2) For some reason, Rick decides to waste 10 minutes of his life watching the new Lady Gaga video. (Not linking to it. Spare yourself)
3) Kim tells Rick she loves that song. Rick proceeds to look up the lyrics and read them to her. Point proven. Gaga is retarded
4) Rick, taking a cue from Fallon and Jude Law, realized spoken word of the song would probably be hilarious
5) Rick tells Joyce the idea, and says if he wants to come to the city early they can make it happen
6) Joyce gets to the city, 5 minutes later, they realize that we need Ostrowe’s skills to really make this idea work
7) Go watch Braveheart with Chu and Kiwi. Constantly try to think of an idea that might work
8) Rick leaves Chu and Joyce to their own means
9) Rick thinks of a video involving Joyce lip syncing before his game
10) Joyce sleeps in the hallway outside Rick’s door
11) Ideas evolves into this

Soccer Pregame Routine from Gentlemanly Productions on Vimeo.

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