An Evening with Daryl

Daryl is extremely wealthy. A couple of months ago, he got a new job, and said company, who shall remain nameless, blocks gmail in the office. Therefore, the CoG has suffered in his absence. Today, Rick and Ostrowe plotted to ask Daryl a ton of questions to preoccupy all his time when he returned home. IT worked like a charm. The following are the results of this experiment.

Rick: What is the best pizza in the OC?
Daryl: I’m partial to Amendola’s. There is a Cosimo’s that supposedly wood fires it that I need to try, but they are a chain.

Rick: What is your favorite super power?
Daryl: If I had super powers it would be flying super power.

Ostrowe: If you were a robot, would you use your powers for good? Or for awesome?
Daryl: Do you take YOUR face and hands off before YOU go to bed?
(Ed Note: Well played on the Strong Bad reference)

Rick: If you were alone in a room with a naked Abby, what would you do to her first?
Daryl: It would never happen. Dougla$ has bought her time for the next 50 years so I’ve never thought about it.

Ostrowe: In your estimation, where does the NY Metro area end and “upstate” begin? Semi-related follow up, did you know that the tuxedo is so named because it originated in Tuxedo, NY?
Daryl: upstate NY begins around Goshen if going north west. Central Valley if you are going more north than west. Ostrowe, I did in fact know that the tuxedo was invented in Tuxedo, NY. Tuxedo has a gated community called Tuxedo Park. Some of the wealthiest people in America live in there. That was where it was invented. Did you know George F. Baker HS (where I went to high school) was built because Tuxedo Park resident George F. Baker (no relation) lost a hand of cards to George Grant Mason (who later paid to build the elementary school)?

Rick: Who wears a tuxedo better? Sean Connery, Chuck Norris, or the Emperor penguin?
Daryl: I’m going to have to say Chuck Norris. This is because it’s a well known fact that if you can see Chuck Norris he can see you. If you can’t see Chuck Norris you may moments away from death. I fell that by selecting him he may be appeased and spare me since I can’t see him at the moment.

Ostrowe: Are you now or have you ever been a member of the Communist party?
Daryl: No, I tried to join but when I saw how many forms they asked me to fill out, I said something like “Jesus H. Christ.” They heard that and accused me of being a Catholic which is frowned upon.

Rick: What is the optimum outdoor temp to maximize Ts but minimize sweat. There has to be a formula for this right?
Daryl: You want it as hot as humanly possible. The secret to minimizing sweat is to stand in front of a business with its door open using the escaped AC air to lure in customers.

Rick: The bank teller is named Jeanette. Did you bang her?
Daryl: Don’t think so. (Ed. Note: That wasn’t a definitive note)

Rick: Is it true 7/21/10 7:32P has a special significance to you since you bring home $721,107.32 every day? Yearly salary of $263,204,172
Daryl: The reason why that number seems familiar to you is that’s how many chicks you bang every day. That number exceeds my daily salary by a magnitude of 721107.

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