Amazon. Greatest. Website. Ever.

It is no secret. I love the internet. What you may not know is that I also love getting packages (who doesn’t?) When I got my first credit card way back in 2004, I was able to put these two magical things together. And since 2004, Amazon has been there for me.
This is an self evaluation based on online shopping habits

Total Orders: 3
I started out in late 2004. I had just transferred to Springfield college. I was a junior. And on October 17th, I placed my very first order on Season 1 of Degrassi. The finest Canadian melodrama cable has to offer. It was an omen of things to come.
Items Purchased:
3 DVDs – Kentucky Fried Movie, Mulholland Drive, Degrassi Season 1
1 Hat
Total Spent: $87….I spent $40 on Degrassi. God damn

Total Orders: 2
Kind of pathetic beginning here. 3 orders in 3 months to start. Then only 2 over the next 12. What was I doing?
Items Purchased
Iliad & Odyssey Boxed Set – I have read a combined 10 pages of these two books. They make good paperweights (Worst Purchase of 2005 Award)
The 50 Year Seduction – A must read for any college football and/or televised sports fan
Son of a Witch – PresentforagirlIhadacrushonanotherchapterofmylifemovingonto2006
Total spent: $65

Total Orders: 2
Ok. So I started out slow. I was still in college and I didn’t have a job. Cut me some slack. The only two items I purchased that year was Season 3 & Season 4 of Degrassi. But those are two amazing seasons. Manny got an abortion. Emma got gonorrhea, Jimmy got shot, the breakfast club episode, Billy Ray Cyrus as a cab driver, Terri gets put in a coma, Stay away from my boyyyyyy both of youuuuuuu, I makea da posters for your dance, Mr. O
Total Spent: $73

Total Orders: 7
Ok now we are talking. This was my first year with a job and as such my spending increased. I also learned the joy of Christmas shopping online. No lines for me.
DVDs – 1 Degrassi Season 5
Largest Purchase – A Wii for Maxx
Total Spent: $504

Total Orders: 10
This was a year of big purchases. It started with a GPS bought as a graduation presents for someone else. A new camera during the Olympics since I was over worked and needed something to look forward to. It was a awful camera. And it ended with the purchase of a 42″ plasma TV. (Sexy) That year I also signed up for an Amazon Visa Card. Now I earn triple points for any purchase on Amazon.
DVDs – 9 Degrassi Season 6, South Park Season 11, Dumb & Dumber, Family Guy Season 5 (The last season I watched), Jerry Maguire (I own two of these…whoops) Shawshank, Good Will Hunting, Forrest Gump, Sarah Marshall & Wall-E
Total Spent: $1825

Total Orders: 14
Big year order-wise & DVD-wise. I managed to keep the dollar amount down though
DVDs – 25 I’m not going to list them all. Taken is phenomenal. Always Sunny is legendary. The Notebook and PS I Love You are embarrassing.
Total Spent: $546

Total Orders: 11
The year may be almost over. But I still have Christmas to make up for the lack or orders.
DVDs – 32 Emma & Ice Box, Scream 1-3,
Total Spent: $969.20

Total Spent All-Time: $4069.20
God Bless the Internet

Pizza Milestone

If you don’t follow me on Twitter, this will all be foreign to you. And if you DO follow me on Twitter you have already grown sick of all my pizza related tweets.
Today was a big day in the pizza world. On Day 130 I had slice 100. Considering I was not in NY for 3 weeks in July, that is not a bad clip.

This is a video to commemorate the moment

Ever since April 1, I have been counting ever pizza slice I eat. This is milestone slice #100

You Are Who You Play

Random Question: Which actor has amassed the greatest collection of supernatural abilities through the roles he has played.

I’m bored so I decided to hit up IMDB to do some very important research.

[Ed. Note: Dear Family, (who is sitting next to me watching home movies while I am on the computer) You will undoubtedly look over and read this paragraph and get upset. I’m not really bored, I was just using a literary device.]

Hugo Weaving:
Everlasting Life and bad ass elf skills – Elrond: Lord of the Rings
Quickness and a variety of other super skills – Agent Smith: The Matrix
The ability to be a jet or tank – Megatron: Transformers 1 & 2
Freedom fighting/super human reflexes – V: V for Vendetta

Hugo has played a wide swath of characters with supernatural abilities. He can’t die. He is superfast. But on the other hand, he can be destroyed by The One and is usually foiled by the Autobots.
Overall Grade: B+

Arnold Schwarznegger:
He is a MACHINE – Teminator: Those movies
The ability to make things cold – Mr. Freeze: Batman & Robin
Brains and Brawn – Conan: The Barbarian
Brawn. Son of Zeus – Hercules: in New York

So he is strong. And he has a lot of muscles. But I’m not too impressed.
Overall Grade: C+

Hayden Christensen:

A ton of midi-chlorians. Jedi Powers. – Anakin Skywalker: Star Wars Episodes II-III

Transporting – David Rice: Jumper

He was supposed to be the chosen one. But the power of the dark side + teleportation is still pretty impressive.
Overall Grade: B

Samuel L. Jackson:
Prolonged life, cosmic eyepatch, cool weapons. Veteran. – Nick Fury
Jedi Powers – Mace Windu: Star Wars Episodes I-III
Freezing Abilities – Frozone: The Incredibles
Badass MotherShutYourMouth – Shaft
Fragile Bones – Elijah Price: Unbreakable

All amazing…until you get to the last one. That is going to hurt his overall ranking. I’ve had it with these mother&$^@ bones in this mother&#^% body
Overall Grade: B-

Liam Neeson:

A very particular set of skills; skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now, that’ll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don’t, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you – Bryan Mills: Taken
Jedi Skills – QuiGon Jinn: Star Wars Episode I
Feels no pain, Vigilantism – Darkman
Leader of the A Team, Master of Disguise – Hannibal: The A Team
Fighting skills. Gang Leader – Priest Vallon: Gangs of New York
Is a Lion – Aslan: Chronic(what)cles of Narnia

Other than dying in two movies despite his powers, a very solid resume.
Overall Grade: A

Christopher Lee:
The skills of the Dark Side – Count Dooku: Star Wars Episodes II-III
Wizard Skills – Saruman: Lord of the Rings
Everlasting Life. Vampire Skills – Dracula
Unbeatable Reasoning – Sherlock Holmes

Kind of unfair that he has been acting for 60 years. Regardless, he should use his powers for good.
Overall Grade: B+

Ryan Reynolds
Wielder of a Power Ring. The most powerful weapon in the universe. Capable of anything the wielder can dream of – Green Lantern
Accelerated Healing due to Weapon X Program – Deadpool: X Men Origins
Vampire Killing Skills – Hannibal King: Blade Trinity

Pretty good combination of killing skills. Plus he has the most powerful weapon in the universe.
Overall Grade: B+

Eric Bana
Time Traveling Romulan – Nero: Star Trek
Super Human Strength, Speed, Stamina, Durability. You wouldn’t like him when he was angry – Incredible Hulk
The greatest fighter of the Trojan Army – Prince Hector: Troy
Time Travel. Uncontrollable – Henry DeTamble: Time Traveler’s Wife

If Hector had the skills of the Hulk, maybe he would have been able to defeat Achilles. Regardless, Paris is still a punk. Don’t know what Helen saw in him
Overall Grade: B

Zach Quinto
Intuitive Aptitude & Empathic Mimicry give him the ability to steal all sorts of superpowers – Sylar: Heroes
Superior reasoning. Has an evil twin in a alternate dimension with a goatee – Spock: Star Trek

Sylar is a wild card and gives Quinto a huge upper hand.
Overall Grade: A

Christian Bale
No real powers. Has more money that Jim$ to buy cool toys – Batman
No real powers. Knows magic – Alfred Borden: The Prestige
No real powers. Just a bad ass robot killing dude – John Conner: Terminator Salvation
No real powers. Has a nice business card. Likes Hewy Lewis & the News – Patrick Bateman: American Psycho

So he is a bad ass guy with no real powers
Overall Grade B-

Who did I miss?