Title Track: 10.29.10

Gotta make sure I keep up the streak of one post per month since the blog started.

After a night in the city
Rick: I feel like a million bucks right now
Jmac: Really? Oh that’s right, you don’t drink
(Joyce toasts Jmac’s glass while it is still sitting on the table)

Little known fact. Joyce makes his own shirts. He kit the one he is wearing in this picture over a 47 day period this summer. The knitting isn’t the hardest part though. He has that part down. For this particular shirt, he whittled the buttons out of a tree that was felled by lighting in his backyard. They are the Wonder Boy of shirt buttons

Jmac: Those kids have muffins that are the size of their heads.
(Not sure why this was so funny at the time, but it was that type of morning)

Jmac: I’m like a computerized Robot

Rick: (Quoting Vegas Mar) Zombie Bite or Human Bite?
Mar: Those girls looked at me like I was a used condom

Joyce: Hey Meredith (The Bartender), Terry vs. Toilet?
Meredith: Sure
Joyce: Hey Meredith, doesn’t Katy Perry have the nicest titties in the world
Meredith: (Stunned silence)

The other night I watched The Terminator (instead of the World Series mind you. That’s where baseball ranks for me). It is amazing how bad time was to that movie. Gentlemanly Production movies look better. But that got me to wondering, when are movies made this decade going to start looking old and shotty. Which then poses the age old question, where can movie effects go from here? Can’t wait.

New Weezer theory. They make 3-4 fantastic songs per album that are pre-ordained as the singles. Then they just mail it in for the rest of the album. Random chords. Random words. Complete garbage. I don’t think there has ever been a Weezer album where an unreleased song was any good.

That being said. I still love Weezer.

Gif Party!
Joyce loves Diet Pepsi
Starring Daryl as Vigo the Carpathian
Epic gif is Epic

So Harry Kalas’ son is Rick Astley?

Sad to say, that since the days of Donovan McNabb the Syracuse football has been on a steady downward spiral. Of that period, I have followed them less and less. However, things are starting to turn around. Doug Marrone is turning things around. Things culminated with a win over #20 West Virginia last weekend. Bowl game here we come. Glad to be back on track

This is one of the greatest Simpson’s Lines of all-time:
Even Degrassi thinks so! They referenced it last week….how many people do you think picked up on that? 6? 7? ….God I’m old….

In Vegas they built the Vert Ramp over the pool. It looked awesome. Here is one of the best pictures I have ever taken.


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