Halloween: Part 2 (Way Late)

Other Halloween notes that I forgot to publish:

Indiana Girl: I can’t read your diary.
Rick: It was dark in the mine. It was hard to write

Bouncer: Can I have an interview?
Rick: I was in that mine and the devil and god were fighting over me. God won and for that I am grateful

Rick: Hey Waldo. I don’t know who is harder to find. You or [the Chilean miners]

Girl on the Street: Son Chilenos?
Rick: Si
GOTS: Realmente?
Rick: No
GOTS: Want to take a picture with real Chilenos?
Rick: Yes

Other great costumes:
Double Rainbow
Pierre the French Street Artist: Had an easel with him and would draw pictures of girls

Ra-tard: Why are you guys dressed as construction workers from Texas?
Ostrowe: Don’t mess with Texas

Throughout the night everyone loved our costume. Until we got on the subway at 3:30A. One girl took exception.
Girl: That is messed up.
Rick: If you think this costume is messed up, can I show you pictures of my Chilean family? These pictures kept me strong while I was in the mine
Girl: Do you guys even watch the news?

Rick: That guy has a transformer logo on his grill
Ostrowe: He is a Decepticon
Jmac: He’s a Douchebagicon
/Rick Spits out his water

Mar: I have a new goal for the year. I want to go to a sit down pizza hut
(3 minutes later)
Rick: Wanna go to Pizza Hut for dinner?
(3 Hours later)
(Eating at Pizza Hut)