An Enchanted Evening

I still am baffled by the events from Saturday night. Joyce summed it up the best in an email after the fact:



Black turtleneck, black jeans, hiking boots

Breaking glasses

Lady gaga dance off

Tequila Shots

How’s Olivia?

“Anyone who tried to get my attention, had it”

John cockblocked John…what?

Meat hammer face chick, Yes and Yenni

Are you guys mobsters?

Black Sinead O’Conner

Cleansing Ale


What are you guys doing here … just leave.

Hey Soul Sister


Party Fries

The “cuppiest” morning in quite sometime.

9 Beverages, Gummy Bears, 6 Red Stripe, hot pockets, 2L Diet Coke, Multigrain chips

CJNO Entertainment Company

Olivia: Connie Chung inspired me to get into TV
Jmac: Michelle Kwan inspired me. Not to figure skate. Just in life

“Lying around, hungover on the couch all day seems better when a girl is present. Thanks Olivia”


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